Origin Live Voyager Turntable

Shown above with optional Origin Live Enterprise-C Tonearm and cartridge. Many options available Origin Live launches Flagship Voyager and Voyager S Turntables! Testimonials (on all Origin Live tables) Turntable of the Year Award, 2016 – HiFi+ “It’s one of those rare turntables … Continued

Origin Live Sovereign MK3-2 Turntable

Origin has three optional tonearm to compliment the Origin Live Sovereign MK3 Turntable. Shown with optional Origin Live Enterprise Tonearm. Also available with dual armboard. Cartridge not included – many choices available.  2016 ‘Turntable of the Year’ Award – HiFi+! Likely the … Continued

Origin Live Conqueror MK3C Tonearm

Origin Live Conqueror MK3c Tonearm – Award winning arm in a class of its own with a carbon fiber and ebony hybrid arm tube, upgraded wiring, and easily adjustable tracking force fine tuner for even better performance! “… Singularly the … Continued

Origin Live Resolution MK3-1 Turntable

Origin has three tonearm options to compliment the Resolution. Also available with dual armboard. Many cartridge choices available  “Makes you want to keep listening record after record. This is one of the truly special products I’ve reviewed, regardless of price.” – … Continued

Origin Live Zephyr Tonearm

Origin Live Zephyr Tonearm w/ built in VTA adjuster (included) Internal and external tonearm cabling also included but not shown The Origin Live Zephyr Tonearm – goes well beyond their own multi-award winning Silver MK3 with substantially upgraded base, gimble … Continued

Origin Live 12 inch Tonearms

Origin Live Enterprise C – 12 inch version Origin Live 12 inch Tonearms now available!  With their ground breaking designs in tonearm resonance control and isolation, Origin Live is now able to offer its tonearm lineup from the new entry … Continued

Origin Live Onyx Tonearm

Includes internal and external tonearm cabling (not shown in image above) The Origin Live Onyx Tonearm, Origin’s entry level tonearm. Delivers high performance on a budget – with included VTA adjuster!  Testimonials (on all Origin Live tonearms.  Many of the reviews … Continued

Origin Live Calypso MK3-1 Turntable

Origin has four tonearm options from $1100 to $3050 to compliment the Calypso. Show with optional Origin Live Encounter MK3c Also available with dual armboard (extra charge) “Exceptional Value Award for 2017. Highly recommended.” – Tone Audio, 2017 The Origin … Continued

Origin Live Enterprise-C Tonearm

Sheer realism approaching live music is what we promise and what you’ll hear. Everything you could ever want from a tonearm? We think you’ll say yes… New Origin Live Enterprise “C”, now with carbon fiber and ebony hybrid armtube, upgraded … Continued