Well Tempered Simplex Turntable

Well Tempered Simplex Optional cartridge not included Well Tempered Lab Introduces the Simplex! Testimonials (on all Well Tempered turntables) “One of the more surprising findings was that the Simplex clearly outclassed the Linn table in terms of pace and timing…a … Continued

Well Tempered Labs Amadeus GTA Turntable

New, improved GTA model with dual layer, aluminum sandwich plinth for improved isolation and even lower noise floor.   Well Tempered Lab manufactures the quietest, most musical turntables available using William Firebaugh’s revolutionary fluid damped, zero clearance table bearing and tonearm … Continued

Well Tempered Labs Amadeus Turntable

“The Amadeus seems simultaneously a bargain and something of a miracle” – Robert E. Green, The Absolute Sound  From Bill Firebaugh, an iconic turntable designer of 30+ years, comes a breakthrough design with outstanding sonics and no fuss setup. Elegantly simple, … Continued