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Optional tonearm and cartridge are not included
Add an Origin Live Silver MK3c tonearm for an additional $900

The second generation Avid Diva II Turntable offers a sonic, engineering and value package impossible to surpass!

New SP version, incorporating a new twin belt drive system, DSP Vari-SPeed power supply, a machined platter and improved bearing, builds upon the already multi-awarding winning Diva II, elevating it to new levels of performance. 

Audio Revelation is a full line AVID dealer with three Avid turntables on display and ready to play. Remember, we specialize in analog with twelve tables, fourteen arms and sixteen cartridges up and running from $3,000 to over $30,000 (table, arm & cartridge)!

Twin belt drive system – new on all Avid SP models

Testimonials (on all Avid Turntables)

“The Diva II was certainly an absolute bargain at its price point and punches well above its weight sonically, but listening to the Diva II SP, it’s easy to pick out the extra sophistication and musical insight that the superior engineering has brought about. Add in a versatile new power supply that will undoubtedly be making its influence felt elsewhere, and you have a very fine vinyl spinner indeed that promises high standard for the other forthcoming models.”
 - Adam Smith, HiFi World

CONCLUSION:In many ways, the Diva II struck me as sounding like a mini-Volvere and, at a quarter of the price of its bigger brother, but with far more than a quarter of the performance, it deserves a hearty recommendation!
VERDICT:Stylish, superbly built turntable that turns in an emotive and highly musical performance.
FOR:Solid, tuneful bass-fine image depth – smooth, detailed top end – build quality, styling.
AGAINST: Nothing at the price. ”
 - Adam Smith, Hi-Fi World

 Avid Diva II with external power supply and optional, custom dust cover

“Overall, the Diva is an excellent turntable; one that meets its design brief perfectly. It’s good enough for very discerning users…It’s a very well-made product that&#39s easy to use, and involving and rewarding to listen to.”
 - Jimmy Hughes, Hi-Fi News (UK)

“The treble is well extended and has more sparkle than our reference SME 20A … The Volvere is more on the ball when it comes to rhythm and timing, surprisingly making the SME sound relatively cumbersome in comparison … The new Volvere is a welcome replacement for what was already a very good turntable. It has a good deal of power associated with the bigger Avids and delivers a solid and precise sound that makes a lot of competitors sound decidedly weak.”
- Jason Kennedy, HI-FI CHOICE

“There can be no questioning the fine build and finish of this turntable … The Volvere’s combination of composure, resolution and control works well on all types of music.”
 - Ketan Bharadia, WHAT HI-FI

“…the thing that immediately stood out with the Volvere was its exceptional rock-like stability; the music sounded solid and focused …the Volvere gets close to that impossible ideal – closer than you’ve any right to expect given the crudeness of a stylus tracing a wobbly groove in a bit of plastic.”
 - Jimmy Hughes, hi-fi+

VERDICT: A high end turntable of rare completeness, it offers breathtaking all round sound from a superbly balanced belt drive chassis.
FOR: superb stability; glassy transparency; breathtaking dynamics; unerring musicality; design, packaging, set-up
AGAINST: nothing”
 - David Price HiFi World (on the Avid Volvere Sequel)

“The Sequel is among the best I have (not) heard- the almost zero level groove noise and distortion … Extreme dynamics as well as a gorgeous midrange are the aural highlights of this turntable. The Avid is a superb example of English 21st Century craftsmanship and design. Conrad Mas is to be congratulated for his passion and commitment to excellence in vinyl reproduction. Yes, the bloom is definitely on this rose.”
 - Anthony Kershaw Audiophilia.com


It is with great pleasure that we award The Audiophilia Star Component Award to the Avid Volvere Sequel Turntable. Congratulations! – Ed.



“Turntables like Avid&#39s Sequel enable vinyl to compete at the very highest level, offering a vivid, holographic presentation that&#39s impressive and exciting”
 - Jimmy Hughes HiFi News

VERDICT – Remarkable transparency and resolution to the finest detail plus tremendous coherence and power. Very impressive heavy-weight turntable that will deliver all the passion, grace and fire of your favorite vinyl.”
 - Jason Kennedy, Hi-Fi Choice- Editors (on the Avid Sequel)


“A cross between the company’s flagship Acutus and its base model, the Volvere, this is a heavyweight suspended turntable that means business from the outset.  Killer bass that goes all the way down and shakes the furniture, the most transparent of midranges that lets everything through, and the sweetest highs imaginable.”
 - Editors of Hi-Fi Choice (on the Avid Sequel)

Buy an Acutus and you’ve got a whole new record collection to listen to guaranteed. You’ll discover new things on discs you thought you knew backwards …it&#39s the most incredible turntable you&#39ve ever heard”
 -Jimmy Hughes, Hi-Fi+ (Score: “12 out of 10″)

“The Avid Acutus was a superb sounding turntable by any standard – among the handful of best turntables I&#39ve heard
 - Michael Fremer, Stereophile

“What I can say with confidence is that the Acutus Reference is one of the most musical-sounding record players you can buy, one of the most intelligently designed, thoroughly engineered, and beautifully made, one of the most compact, and one of the easiest to set up and maintain.
 - Wayne Garcia, The Absolute Sound, Issue 170

“… the Avid sound was positively dramatic, immediately loud and impressive …
 - Steve Harris, HiFi News & Record Review (on the Avid Acutus)

It&#39s simply phenomenal – every familiar record I put on offered up new layers of sound … Extremely capable design with no apparent short comings; don&#39t even think about selling your vinyl until you&#39ve heard it on this!”
- Jason Kennedy, HiFi Choice (Editors Choice Award on the Avid Acutus)

“The Avid Acutus is a performance package that offers what I consider the most complete and thoroughly integrated solution to quality vinyl replay.”
 - Chris Beeching, Listener Magazine (5 Stars)

CONCLUSION - Listen to it. Give into its magic. Let it drag you to a totally sensual musical world. Experience it even if you do not have the ability to acquire it. It is an experience that maybe you owe to yourself.”
 - P.Panagopoulos, HXOS High-End Magazine (5 Stars)

Awarded “Best Turntable Over £3000″ – Unchanged for 7 years, Acutus is awarded top spot over Roksan TMS2 and Townshend Audio Rock Anniversary.
 - December 2004/5 HiFi Choice

Optional Avid Isolation Platform
Specifically designed for the Diva


Continuing to share the same design philosophy and key elements of our more expensive designs, Diva II SP bridges the gap between the Diva II and Volvere models. Retaining the same ultra rigid, one-piece aluminium cast chassis used for our other models, the platter is replaced with machined aluminium and employs an improved main bearing taken from the Volvere and Sequel models.

Additionally the Diva II SP incorporates our new &#39twin belt&#39 drive system and DSP Vari-SPeed power supply.

Against the growing trend of &#39easy-option&#39 DC motor driven turntables, Avid retains the use of synchronous motors and has developed a new power supply to finely control the final speed of the platter. By using the latest DSP technology to control frequency generation, and using the synchronous motors unique speed locking abilities, speed can be adjusted precisely.

Motor noise, vibration and control is improved, with the twin belt drive controlling platter dynamics and stability under load giving a smooth, yet dynamic sound quality, improved bass and treble definition.

As with our other turntables, its beautifully finish with minimalist styling and with a sound quality that will impress.

Owners of the standard Diva II can upgrade their product to this new version.

Despite being Avid’s entry level model, The Avid Diva II SP shares the design philosophy and key elements of Avid’s more expensive designs. Mechanical energy transmission away from the record, high torque motors and isolation is Avid&#39s philosophy combined with high standards of engineering and design.

The foundation of the Diva II is the same ultra rigid, one piece aluminum casting used for our other models. The arm and platter are mounted to this using the same sapphire bearing and clamping system as our other turntables. The vibration caused by the cartridge during replay is effectively channeled to this main chassis. Platter construction is MDF with the same mat as the Volvere and Sequel models, ensuring an impedance miss-match with the record and with the aid of the clamp reduces energy entering the platter avoiding sound colorations.

Isolating the main chassis is critical to ensure low coloration and here Avid employs a triple elastomer layer system using a uniquely tailored sorbathane compound giving optimum mechanical isolation of the playing surface, resulting in better information retrieval and resolution. The external power supply feeds a powerful motor to give excellent speed stability and dynamic sound.

Beautifully finished with minimalist styling, a timeless piece of engineering excellence and design within the reach of everyone.



Despite receiving critical acclaim from press and public, events conspired against the original Diva and replacement was inevitable.

Two main reasons made Avid rethink their product.
(1) Originally designed to satisfy the requirements of Avid’s distributor in Japan, it found favor around the world. However with Avid&#39s decision to withdraw from that market, its design concept looked out of place with it’s other models.
(2) With the ever-escalating cost of materials, the Diva was pushed out of its intended original price position.

The second generation Diva does far more what we would have originally wished for. Based on Avid&#39s fundamental philosophy and using many of the key components found in their more expensive designs, Diva II offers a sonic, engineering and value package impossible to surpass.


In common with Avid’s other designs, the chassis is a one piece ultra rigid aluminum casting. Such a strong chassis prevents any relative movement between the arm and platter bearing, reducing loss of information and coloration. Vibrations continually created by the stylus during playback are channeled to the chassis, through the main bearing and pick up arm and then rapidly dissipated. By not using external damping materials the sonic neutrality associated with Avid’s turntables is maintained and add to this the lack of any detachable armboards, rigidity is maintained further.

The imporved main bearing is the same quality as Avid’s other models, made from sapphire, tungsten carbide and stainless steel. Designed to pass vibration to the chassis it is also ultra quite, allowing you to clamp the record directly to the bearing and platter eliminating warps and coloration caused by unsupported records and slippage. The clamp is directly taken from the Volvere and Sequel models and has great sonic benefits, reducing surface noise, timing errors caused by slippage and rigidly clamping the record to the main bearing allowing for maximum transfer of vibration.

The motor, a high torque AC synchronous type is mounted within a solid massive steel enclosure. The motor housing is totally decoupled to prevent motor noise entering the chassis and with its mass preventing movement, the drive chain rigidity is maintained thereby preventing speed errors by the motor wobbling on the usual “rubber band” mountings used elsewhere. With its high torque, start up speed is rapid and then with its power, controls the platter effectively making sure slowing under load does not happen, which would reduce its dynamic impact, especially on transients like drums and big crescendos in classical music. Platter speed is adjustable through placement of the motor housing and is supplied through an external power supply.

This “rigid loop system” of platter, chassis and arm needs careful isolation from external vibrations, which would affect the cartridge giving a false signal. This coloration is usually loss of information, frequency distortion or complete mistracking of the stylus. At this price level, Avid wanted to give isolation but avoid the sometimes-daunting task of setting up a sprung suspension. Avid wanted to make as close to a “plug and play” design as possible, but having the same quality principles as their other established turntables.

Subsequent to the original Diva, Avid undertook development work using a material commonly called sorbathane. A rubber compound commonly used for isolating sensitive items; its properties have been tailored to specifically suit the requirements for wideband linear vibration isolation. This has been successfully used with their Isolating Support Platform and now employed to great effect with Diva II. A triple layer isolation system means the typical vibrations a turntable has to endure are absorbed, giving the stylus the freedom of external vibration it requires giving a coloration free sound. Placement of any turntable is critical and we would suggest a rigid, stable structure the best place to locate the Diva II.

Visually the new Diva II SP is compact and purposeful with clean lines. A budget turntable yes, budget performance? No chance!


  • Drive: Belt Drive
  • Speeds: 33.3 and 45.0 rpm
  • Platter Mass: 8 lbs
  • Bearing: Inverted Stainless Steel
  • Thrust Point: Tungsten Carbide/Sapphire
  • Suspension: Triple layer three point elastomer
  • Tonearms: Std. cut for SME (adaptors for others available)
  • Motor: 24v 12mNm AC synchronous
  • Power Supply: Separate DSP Vari-Speed control unit
  • Voltage Input: 100-120v AC, 60 Hz 20 Watts MAX.
  • Dimensions: Turntable – 18″ x 16″ x 7″, P.S.U – 11″ x 6″ x 3″
  • Net Weight: 28 lbs
  • Shipping Weight: 42 lbs