EAR 88PB Phono Preamplifier

Chrome knobs alternative for sleek, modern look

 – a tube standard with few peers regardless of price and with built in volume direct connect to amplifier (or effectively bypass at 2:00)


EAR has generated a multitude of positive reviews of their phono stages, amps and preamps, not to mention Harry Pearson’s recent declaration that the new EAR Disc Master turntable completely transcends all other tables with “no sound of its own”.

The EAR 88PB Phono Preamplifier is a continuation of the EAR tradition of stellar sound, great value and unapproachable circuit design. No wonder so many recording and mastering studios rely on Tim de Paravicini for EAR’s studio equipment and equipment upgrades (tape recorders, cutting heads, mixing boards, etc).

“I dig the EAR 88PB Phono Preamplifier. Even though and despite the fact that straight-line neutrality is not part of its wardrobe, the EAR presents all music with a power and resolution that is beyond reproach…the EAR 88PB Phono Preamplifier routinely delivers intense musical involvement…The entire treble range is remarkable… Dynamic contrasts can be stunning with the 88PB…Lateral soundstaging is quite exceptional…sense of depth is excellent…the EAR is also very, very quiet… The EAR 88PB is a very musically involving phono preamplifier, one with a character that honors the art and joy of music.”
– Jerry Seigel, 10Audio, overall rating 9.5 LPs

EAR 88PB Phono Preamplifier


EAR 88PB Phono Preamplifier

Drawing on designer Tim de Paravicini’s vast knowledge of audio electronics, the EAR 88PB Phono Preamplifier is a definitive statement in valve electronics.

Its specification is a perfect match of essential flexibility with cost-conscious simplicity. Two inputs cater for the growing number of vinyl-lovers with more than one turntable or arm with moving coil provision using de Paravicini’s famed input transformers for lowest noise and highest fidelity. (read Art Dudley in September 2007’s Stereophile on why he believes transformers are clearly best) MC input impedance is adjustable internally in the rare case when needed.


The inclusion of a volume control allows for direct connection to a power amp bypassing preamp degradation for the best possible sound or in the 2:00 o’clock position it’s virtually out of circuit. To avoid cable-dependent high frequency response, a highly linear buffer stage follows the volume control, using an output transformer which provides balanced or single-ended output at a low impedance which can effortlessly drive long cables.

Other exclusive design details include a unique high stability circuit for achieving the RIAA equalization curve demanded by discs, and of course the superb all-round sound quality of all EAR amps is guaranteed.

The 88PB Phono Preamplifier: you never realized your vinyl could sound this good!


  • Maximum Gain 52db Moving Magnet, 72db Moving Coil (Volume control adjustable)
  • Tube compliment: 4 x 6922 tubes (or 6DJ8 or 7DJ8)
  • Two inputs, one MC with adjustable impedance and one MM
  • RIAA Accuracy +- .3db
  • Input Impedance (MM) 47K
  • Input Impedance (MC) 4 or 40 ohm switched internally (40 with transformer input is ideal for loading 100-1000 ohm specified cartridges; see Art Dudley in September 2007’s Stereophile on why he believes transformers are superior)
  • Output Impedance 60 ohm
  • Channel Balance +- .2db
  • Sensitivity MM 2.5 mv, MC down to .15MV
  • S/N ratio 68db (ref 2.5mv)
  • Distortion .2% at 2V
  • Overload Margin 12V output
  • Balanced Outputs pin 2 hot (positive phase)
  • Size 9.25″W, 11.5″D, 4″H
  • Weight 15 LBs