Audio Revelation is…

…a specialty store for discerning music lovers who want to enjoy remarkably satisfying musical experiences, just like us. We’re fanatical about finding truly special gear and helping you assemble a great system.

Our approach is consultative, working with you to help you determine what will bring you the best sound for your listening preferences, your room, your system, and your budget.

Keep in mind just because a product gets great reviews and is recommended by your friends doesn’t mean it’s right for you. We, and members from our local audio club, go beyond reputations with extensive listening evaluations to be able to offer the right choices for your taste.

Audio Revelation will work with you to understand your preferences. For example, do you prefer or lean towards a rich, relaxing sound or a hi-resolution, dynamic sound? If you were looking for a turntable you might consider both Sota and Origin Live tables as they are remarkably well made, well reviewed and highly regarded, but which has the sound you want? They are positively different in their sonic attributes and no, you can’t get the hard driving performance of a Porsche with the ride of a Rolls Royce for a Camry price.

Heads up: When a dealer suggests he has the perfect product that does it all – run. If they can’t describe the product’s shortcomings as well as its strengths then you aren’t getting full disclosure. Audio Revelation will help you sort out your best bets for your particular taste without the hot air. If this is the kind of service you want in a dealer – then you’ve found it.

Audio Revelation is owned by Jay Kaufman and based in N. San Diego, CA. We serve customers nationally with 25+ years experience and 40+ very select brands. Let us help you build the system of your dreams.

Note: While we work with hundreds of customers nationwide each year we respect dealer territories when applicable. If you have a local dealer for a brand you want, then consider how nice it is see and hear it in person. Support your local dealer if possible.

Happy Listening,

Jay Kaufman
Don Jackson