Devialet Expert Pro 440 Dual Mono Integrated Amplifier DAC

“If it were a car, the Devialet would be a Porsche Boxster S—not quite a 911 GT3, Ferrari or Aston, but so damn close that you won’t want to bother coming up with all that extra cash.One listen is all it takes to see why the Devialet Ensemble system is, by far, our favorite system going—and the component I’ve chosen for my home audio system.”
– Jeff Dorgay, Tone Audio, Issue 67

NuPrime IDA 16 Integrated Amplifier

‘An exemplary integrated amp-DAC with rock-solid imaging, transparent sound, and tight control of bass’ – Soundstage Testimonials (on all Nuprime Integrated Amplifiers) AFFORDABLE INTEGRATED AMPLIFIER OF THE YEAR (2015) – The Absolute Sound “The NuPrime IDA-16 DAC/amplifier along with the KEF LS50 … Continued

Constellation Audio Inspiration 1.0 INTEGRATED

Constellation Audio, manufacturer of world-class solid-state electronics, is pleased to announce the debut of the Constellation Audio Inspiration 1.0 INTEGRATED Amplifier at CES 2015. As the newest member of Constellation Audio’s most affordable Inspiration Series, the Constellation Audio INTEGRATED 1.0 joins its preamplifier and amplifier line-mates in delivering the performance that is expected from Constellation Audio at a more affordable price.

VAC 450S Dual Mono Stereo Amplifier

A redefinition of ‘world class’ performance.

One of the world’s finest, cost-no-object amplifier topology in a half size, half power, half price configuration. The VAC Statement Series amplifiers are designed and manufactured with full devotion to music and absolutely no regard to cost or manufacturing effort.