VAC Signature 200iQ Amplifier

INTRODUCING THE NEW VAC Signature 200iQ Stereo* Tube Power Amplifier (* – easily switchable to mono operation) BEST SOUNDING ROOM – Andre Jennings, The Absolute Sound, RMAF, 2015   Overview VAC Signature 200iQ Amplifier VAC’s unique iQ amplifiers are innately … Continued

VAC 450S Dual Mono Stereo Amplifier

A redefinition of ‘world class’ performance.

One of the world’s finest, cost-no-object amplifier topology in a half size, half power, half price configuration. The VAC Statement Series amplifiers are designed and manufactured with full devotion to music and absolutely no regard to cost or manufacturing effort.

VAC Phi 200 Tube Amplifier

The VAC Phi 200 Tube Amplifier delivers much of the sonic beauty and musical magic of VAC’s Phi 300.1, in a 100 wpc stereo version (also available as mono blocs).   Testimonials “They have bass command that is up there with the … Continued

VAC Phi 300.1a Amplifier

Click in image above for larger view Available in black finish above or silver finish below When State-of-the-Art means exactly this: A cost-no-object amplifier with an aesthetic that positively celebrates the vacuum tube. Testimonials “It is critical in manufacturing perfectionist … Continued