Audience Au 24-e Phono Cables

The first high-end phono interconnects that are impedance-matched to optimize the electrical characteristics your phono cartridge to your cables and preamp!   Testimonials “There’s a level of cleanliness now available that wasn’t present before, and it’s easy enough to go back to … Continued

Audience Au 24-e Enhanced Speaker Cable

Audience Au 24-e Enhanced Speaker Cable – Elegant, Coherent and Musical. New Enhanced “e” version offers an increase in low level resolution, clarity and dynamics with the same natural harmonics, tonality and musicality! You can have your current Audience Au speaker cable or … Continued

Audience powerChord-e Enhanced Version

Audience’s powerChord has an amazing track record with reviewers and users alike for delivering overachieving performance. The new “e” (Enhanced) version greatly improves resolution and speed while retaining all of the musicality and natural warmth Audience is so renown for. You … Continued

Audience Au 24-e Enhanced Interconnect Cable

“With the Enhanced “e” cable, there is more of the “this”, but no less of the “that”. There is an increase of smoothness, detail and resolution all across the frequency range without any sense, even a subtle one, that any compromise has been made. But make no mistake, for a small increase in cost the higher level of musical enjoyment is substantial.”
– 10 Audio, Rated 10+ out of 10 LPs – 1st ever 10+ ever awarded on 10 Audio!