EAR 88PB Phono Preamplifier

Chrome knobs alternative for sleek, modern look  – a tube standard with few peers regardless of price and with built in volume direct connect to amplifier (or effectively bypass at 2:00) Testimonials EAR has generated a multitude of positive reviews of … Continued

EAR 834P Phono Preamplifier

Testimonials Be sure to read Stereophile’s fascinating “King of Tubes” five page interview with EAR’s Tim de Paravincini in the November 2007 Stereophile! Keep in mind EAR doesn’t even advertise so this article is from the heart in acknowledging Tim as one of the … Continued

EAR 324 Solid State Phono Preamplifier

Testimonials “One of this device’s ultimate strengths, to my ears at least, is its aptitude to readily unravel complex orchestrations while keeping the scale, location and timbre in near flawless relationship… Besides digging deeply, the EAR 324 Solid State Phono … Continued

EAR MC4 Step-Up Transformer

“Performed better than all of the directly comparable step-up transformers I’ve tried… The EAR MC4 Step-Up Transformer could stand on its sound alone, never mind its comparatively low price” says Art Dudley in Stereophile (see comments below). Created by analog genius Tim De Paravicini, … Continued