Bryston BP6 Preamplifier

The Bryston BP6 is a simplified state-of-the-art preamplifier combining outstanding function with near complete musical accuracy.

“Gives more expensive preamps a run for their money” –

VAC Renaissance Mk V SE Preamplifier

The VAC Renaissance Mk III Preamplifier is a development of the preamplifier section from the highly regarded VAC Phi Beta Integrated amplifier and provides balanced and single-ended input and output capability as well as a seperate, external power supply. It is completely hand wired, and all switching is accomplished via high purity silver contact mechanical switches.

EAR 868 Phono Preamplifier

The legendary sound of EAR’s landmark 912 preamp for $4000 less? True! The EAR 868 features virtually the same circuitry and amazing top-tier sound & realism of the EAR 912 in a more modest chassis with or without the phono.