Critical Mass PXK Rack System

A 3-leg component support system, the Critical Mass PXK Audio Rack system has a post dead center on the back.

The PXK is available in single component (amplifier), vertical rack configurations, and side-by-side configurations for multi-component systems.

Critical Mass Sotto Voce Audio Rack

The Critical Mass Sotto Voce system – A 4-tier wooden rack.

Quarter sawn Sapele (an African hardwood belonging in the mahogany family) makes up this structurally sound and aesthetically pleasing rack. A finish of clear satin seals the woodwork.

Critical Mass Maxxum MK2 Audio Rack

The ultimate in performance, MAXXUM is designed to provide the optimum listening experience. Constructed from proprietary internal vibration materials, a unique Dual Zone Damping System helps the filters manage vibration so that the signal processed by the electronics and analog devices sounds life-like and from the loudspeakers.