VPI Tonearms

VPI 3D Printed Tonearm show above (Photo courtesy of The Audio Beat) Audio Revelation carries the full line of VPI tonearms Please contact us for more info. VPI Tonearms – VPI 3D Printed (10, 12, 3DR) – JMW 12.7 – JMW Classic … Continued

Reed 2A Tonearm

Testimonials (on all Reed tonearms) “This (Reed 3P) arm brought a characteristic sound that is extrovertedly analogue. It is not neutral, as the term is commonly used today to mean uninflected and colorless. The Reed is colorful in the best … Continued

Origin Live Enterprise-C Tonearm

Sheer realism approaching live music is what we promise and what you’ll hear. Everything you could ever want from a tonearm? We think you’ll say yes… New Origin Live Enterprise “C”, now with carbon fiber and ebony hybrid armtube, upgraded … Continued

Origin Live Silver MK3a Tonearm

“The Origin Live Silver tonearm is phenomenal and makes me realize what a bargain it truly is at its asking price … I couldn’t find a nit to pick with the Origin Live Silver arm. It was a beautifully emotive as well as a great-sounding presentation of the music.”
– Jeff Day, sixmoons.com