Audio Revelation offers finely selected Pre-Owned/Demo equipment. 

Please call or email to discuss but  keep in mind these prices are already highly discounted. 


Dan D’Agostino Progression, Retail $22,000, sell $13200


Dan D’Agostino Progression Preamp with DAC, Retail $26,500, sell $15,900


Bryston BLP1 with Dynavector 20X2L Cartridge, New in Box! Retail $4990, Sell $2745

CABLES (all power cords have 15 amp IEC)

Crystal Cable demos

Reference Diamond Jumpers, Spade/Banana, Retail $900, Sell $340

Nordost Store Demo’s 40-50% Off! 9/10 condition.
Note: Nordost does not supply boxes with demo’s

Valhalla 2

Speaker Cable, 3m, Spade/Spade Retail $14850, Sell $6999
Interconnect RCA, 2m, Retail $9800, Sell $5390
Interconnect XLR, 1.5m (measures 1.75) Retail $8700, Sell $4790 w/BOX

Frey 2
Power Cord, 2m, Retail $1995, Sell $1100

Heimdall 2

Tonearm Cable, 1.25 meter Straight DIN to RCA, New in box, $660, Sell $440

Red Dawn

Speaker Cable, 3m, Retail $1300, Sell $650 (demos, no box)

Blue Heaven

Ethernet 2m, Retail $500, Sell $275 with box
Power Cord, 2m, $170
Norse Speaker Bi-Wire Jumpers, Retail $160, Sell $90 (has box)

Wireworld Demo’s – All Eclipse 7s, Save up to 60%! 

Gold 1.5 Meter RCA  IC $2300, sell for $956

Oasis Jumpers for Biwire, Retail $80, sell $35

Platinum 1.5 Meter Tonearm DIN > RCA Retail $1820, Sell $750

Oyaide Continental 5s USB Cable, demo, 1.8m, Sell $175