Audio Revelation offers finely selected Pre-Owned/Demo equipment. 

Please call or email to discuss and keep in mind these prices are already highly discounted. 


Dan D’Agostino Progression, Retail $22,000, sell $13,900


Dan D’Agostino Progression Preamp with DAC, Retail $26,500, sell $16,000

Phono Cartridge

20x2H, Brand New in Box, Retail $995, sell $645


Bassocontinuo, 3 Shelf, Retail $5867, Sell $3300
Current height is 22″ with shelf heights of 10 & 7″. Additional 1″ post (4) is $110 and 2.7″ (4) is $150.  So, if you wanted to add 3.7″ height to  shelf(s) that would cost $260.


Crystal Cable Reference Diamond Jumpers, Spade/Banana, Retail $900, Sell $340

Voodoo Cable Velocity Interconnect, 3M $550 retail, Sell $250. Not only a terrific IC but what I use in my $250k system to drive subwoofer!

Blue Heaven

Ethernet 2m, Retail $500, Sell $275 with box
Power Cord, 2m, $170

Oyaide Continental 5s USB Cable, demo, 1.8m, Sell $175