Bryston B135 SST2 Integrated Amplifier

The Bryston B135 SST2 Integrated Amplifier is the finest integrated ever offered by Bryston and delivers performance levels close to the finest separate audio components.

Bryston B135 SST2 Integrated Amplifier

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Bryston B135 SST2 Integrated Amplifier


“With the Bryston B135 SST2 Integrated Amplifier, Bryston has succeeded in setting a new standard for the level of performance that can be expected at this price. You’ll have to spend significantly more to improve on the B135’s sound, and even so, those improvements are likely to be small. On these grounds — and because it sounds so darn good — Bryston’s B135 SST2 gets my highest recommendation.
Philip Beaudette, (read the review)


“The B135 SS2 has sonic finesse, clever ergonomics and a form that lets you buy only what you need”
– Hi Fi News, 2013

“And when you consider the price of the B135-SST² I’d say you’d be mad not to buy one. A state-of-the-art, high-power, super-low distortion, low noise, Canadian-made amplifier, with a brand name that’s renowned the world over… and one that comes with a 20-year warranty, that’s on sale for less than six grand? That’s not just a bargain: it’s amazing value for money.”

Test Results: Bryston B135 SST2 Integrated Amplifier is evidently a brilliantly designed amplifier, with truly excellent—superb!—performance, that is capable of providing extremely high power output levels into any loudspeakers, with minimal distortion and no audible noise. I whole-heartedly recommend it.
 – Steve Holding, Australian Hi Fi Magazine (read the review)

“The Bryston B135 SST2 Integrated Amplifier certainly is a well made, versatile, and reasonably powerful integrated amp. I appreciated the B-135’s rhythmic snap and straightforward presentation. I think it will hit some people’s sweet spot on the button. It is certainly worth your consideration.”
 – Kirk Midtskog, The Absolute Sound

“The Bryston B135 SST2 Integrated Amplifier delivers the performance of separate amplifier and preamplifier combinations from a single, handsome compact chassis. Sonically, the B-135 is the finest integrated amplifier ever offered by Bryston and it is versatile as well—able to address the needs of any audiophile listener with completely separate amp and preamp sections as well as an optional DAC and phono stage. The B-135 is the complete package.”
 – Digital Signage, 2012

Bryston B135 SST2 Integrated Amplifier 2


The Bryston B135 SST2 Integrated Amplifier delivers 135 watts per channel at 8 ohms and 180 watts per channel at 4 ohms. There are provisions for 7 high level inputs, a pass-through feature, one tape loop and a pre-out/main-in feature. A headphone jack is provided for those requiring monitoring and private listening provisions. A fully functioning remote control is optional.


– Three completely separate and independent custom toroidal power supplies are employed to prevent any possibility of channel to channel cross talk, interference      or interaction between digital and analog sections.

– Unique ultra-linear input buffer with gain results in a substantial reduction in noise floor and distortion.

– Pass-through feature to allow for simple integration into multi-channel surround systems.

– Pre-out/main-in connectors allow for complete separation of the preamplifier and power amplifier sections making multi-channel system integration quick and easy.

– Gold plated five-way speaker binding posts and gold plated RCA/SPDIF input and output connectors



• Inputs: 6x RCA Single Ended Pairs, 2x RCA Single Ended Pairs (Record In, Power Amp In), 2x Optical (TOSLINK)*, 2x SPDIF (RCA)*
• Outputs: 2x RCA Single Ended Pairs (Record Out, Preamp Out), Speaker Terminals, ¼” Headphone Jack
• Control: RS-232 (DB9), AUX IR, 2x 12V Output Triggers
• 135W into 8 Ohms (180W into 4 Ohms)
• Over 30,000 MFD of filter capacitance per channel
• Three ultra-low-noise power transformers
• Separate ground paths for Digital and Analog
• Gold plated switch, contacts, and connectors
• Pre-out/main in connectors
• Convection cooled and housed in a fully aluminum chassis
• RS-232 serial data port for remote control via Crestron, AMX or similar control systems
• Available with silver or black faceplate
• 17” or 19” faceplate available (non-rack mountable)
• Optional internal DAC or internal MM phono
• BR2 remote control available
*Only available with internal DAC, SPDIF replaces RCA single ended pair.