Bryston BDA-3 DAC

The Bryston BDA-3 DAC. Bryston’s newest, most versatile and highest resolution DAC ever!

Bryston BDA-3 DAC

bryston bda 3 dac front


“Bryston’s BDA-3 DAC surpasses the high value performance standard set by the BDA-2, enables inexpensive HD-MI equipped disc players to function as premium source components, and adds exceptionally engaging DSD playback to it’s potent mix of virtues. I’ve already purchased the review sample”.
– Karl Schuster, The Absolute Sound

“With its extremely low levels of noise, harmonic and intermodulation distortion, and its superb resolution, the Bryston BDA-3 offers measured performance that is as good as digital can get.”
 – John Atkinson, Stereophile

“I recommend that the BDA-3 be listed in Class A+ of Stereophile’s ‘Recommended Components’.”
 – Larry Greehhill, Stereophile


Bryston BDA-3 DAC

Bryston’s new BDA-3 is a world class DAC that’s also packed with the perfect mix of features to make it an essential part of your digital audio chain. Use diverse sources such as Bryston’s BDP digital music players, computers, music servers, CD players, and get the most accurate best sounding digital playback currently available. With it’s 6 different types of input, broad range of supported PCM resolutions, plus compatibility with native DSD and DSD over PCM, the BDA-3 is a superb DAC to suit high systems where high performance is the desired.

Audio quality
Great sound quality starts at the input. Each electrical audio input is transformer isolated to prevent ground noise from polluting the signal. PCM signals are then reclocked to virtually eliminate jitter. Because Bryston values accuracy above all, we process all digital signals at their native rate. With the exception of user-selectable upsampling, we don’t convert anything to another format or resample at a non-native rate. Signals drive a dual-mono pair of ultra-high-end DAC ICs. Each IC decodes one channel and operates in balanced mode to achieve the lowest distortion and highest dynamic range possible. From the digital chipsets, audio flows to our proprietary discrete operational amplifiers to provide the most linear, neutral and clear output possible. Bryston never uses ICs in the analog signal path.

This is Bryston’s first DAC to offer DSD decoding. The USB inputs can receive up to DSD 256 while the HDMI inputs can receive up to DSD 64 including SACD audio from compatible transports. The USB inputs are both asynchronous meaning they control the flow of audio from your source component to eliminate timing irregularities. Each is fully USB Class 2 Audio compliant.

Four HDMI 2-channel inputs are available to permit connection from blu-ray or other multimedia sources so you can enjoy movies and even SACD audio through the HDMI inputs on the BDA-3. The HDMI switch supports 4K video pass through.

bryston bda 3 dac front side

Special features

 – The BDA-3 features both state-of-the-art ultra high resolution PCM decoding as well as a separate equally advanced DSD signal path. PCM up to 384/32 and DSD up to 256 can be decoded.
 – Integrate the BDA-3 with your home automation system using our fully featured RS232 and TCP/IP control protocols.


High Resolution Sound

Bryston’s new BDA-3 is their highest resolution D-to-A yet. A brand new decoding chipset can decode up to 384kHz / 32 bit PCM music and up to DSDx4 natively. Practically all digital source components can be connected. The new BDA-3 features 10 inputs including 4 HDMI, 2 Asynchronous USB, and S/PDIF over BNC, RCA, or Toslink optical inputs.


High resolution music downloads have smashed through the previous resolution limit of 192kHz/24 bit. Each format is processed in it’s native resolution preserving absolute bit-perfect signals all the way to our proprietary analog output section. Their custom re-clocking circuit engages all incoming PCM signals and strips off the embedded clock. They replace that information with our ultra high precision clock reducing jitter to nearly immeasurable levels.

Analog Excellence

Bryston’s analog section is completely free of integrated circuits (ICs) that limit the bandwidth and dynamic range of so many other DACs. Their proprietary analog circuits draw on decades of expertise building the world’s finest line level electronics and amplifiers.

Bryston BDA-3 DAC 2

An unprecedented degree of versatility is designed into the BDA-3. Not only are USB and HDMI available interfaces for extremely high data rate music that audiophiles demand, but they ensure compatibility with high performance computer based music playback systems and combination stereo and home theater systems. Movie enthusiasts without the appropriate space to dedicate to multi-channel home theater can connect Blu-Ray and DVD systems to the BDA-3 for high quality 2-channel PCM playback.

SACD collectors have a new upgrade path. The built-in decoders in most universal disc players leave room for improvement. Those equipped with HDMI outputs find never before heard detail, space and resolution when connected to the Bryston BDA-3.

bryston bda 3 dac inside



•10 inputs including:
◦2 Asynchronous USB
◦1 ea. AES/EBU, BNC, RCA, Toslink
•PCM up to 384kHz / 32 Bit
•DSD up to DSDx4 (DSD256) native or DoP up to DSD 128
•Balanced (XLR) output and Single Ended (RCA) output
•HDMI video passthrough with audio out. 4K video passthrough
•Control via IR, RS232, TCP/IP

•Available in 19″ or 17″ wide dress panels in black or silver. Bryston 5 year warranty on digital audio products.