EAR 834L Line Stage Preamplifier

Full Function Classic Tube Linestage – Why change a winner when it still stomps most competition?


“Continuousness; hop-to-it dynamics in the midbass; grainlessness; and a fine representation of image dimensionality. The soundstage and the vital middle frequencies…. These are the kind of audio toys you can (and will) fall in love with because they are just so got-rocks musical.”
— Harry Pearson Editor’s Choice, The Absolute Sound


EAR 834L Line Stage Preamplifier

Funny thing, some people think a state-of-the-art the product has to have been made, or a new version issued, just yesterday. This is nonsense, despite the rush by so many to chase the ‘latest greatest’. While many companies are still figuring out how to design their products that isn’t the case for Tim de Paravicini of EAR. Done to perfection on the first release you can put this preamp against any current contender under $2500 and, just like the 834P phono stage, you will come away totally impressed and awed. If you just want truly realistic sound that is always a pleasure, this is the preamp you’re looking for.

The EAR 834L Line Stage Preamplifier is terrific complement to most any system as well as the wonderful EAR 834P phono stage and EAR power amplifiers. Add modest $25 upgraded tubes and the EAR 834L Line Stage Preamplifier will shock you with its top-flight performance rivaling most preamps in the $4,000 plus range.

Designed by Tim de Paravicini in his usual robust style, the EAR 834L Line Stage Preamplifier is the perfect match for any high-end system whether biased towards analogue or digital. The electronic architecture is minimalist so that the absolute minimum sonic degradation takes place. There are three double triode tubes arranged in a classic de Paravicini circuit. Special attention has been given to the input circuitry. All inputs are at the rear of the chassis on the same circuit board as the selector switches which are operated remotely by long control shafts.

The circuit is designed in such a way as to have an expected tube life of five years of continuous operation.

The EAR 834L Line Stage Preamplifier is available in Classic and Deluxe specification. Deluxe builds on the Classics specification with a superior chassis in chrome and gold finish with 2 sets of outputs to facilitate bi-amping systems and a neon power monitor light. It has facilities for up to five line inputs and genuine tape monitoring circuit, making a total of six inputs.


  • Input sensitivity for 1 volt output: 200 mV (0.2 volt)
  • Maximum output: 30 Volt
  • Noise (un-weighted): -80 dB (IHF)
  • Valves: 2 x ECC82 or 12AU7 or equivalent & 1 x ECC83 or 12AX7 or equivalent
  • $1895 in Basic Black, $2795 upgraded Deluxe version