EAR 859 Integrated Amplifier


Hi-fi reviewers around the world have acclaimed the EAR 859 Integrated Amplifier as, to quote one South African Magazine, “The finest Integrated Valve Amp we have ever heard.” In England, Ken Kessler of Hi-Fi News summed up his review by saying yes, yes, yes, yes, and even in Japan, the worlds most diverse and intense market, the EAR 859 Integrated Amplifier has won critical acclaim from Japan’s most prestigious hi-fi magazine, Stereo Sound. It was honored so highly as to be nominated for the Component of the Year award,and was highly commended; an outstanding achievement for a 13 watt single-ended valve amplifier.


EAR 859 Integrated Amplifier

The EAR 859 Integrated Amplifier was designed to be the best Single-Ended Triode amplifier on the market. Tim as always, was keen to cut a new path through the forest and ignored the week and vulnerable, inferior and obsolete direct heated triodes (such as the 300B). He based his design on his favorite valve, the 6KG6/EL519, developing a new operating mode called Enhanced Triode Mode, or ETM for short. This revolutionary new circuit cleverly tied the control grid (G1) to the cathode, removing the potential difference between the two, and fed the control signal into the screen grid (G2). This gave better, more linear results than directly heated triodes, with the added advantages of high anode power rating, good valve availability and maximum reliability.

This was put together in a DC-connected, low feedback pure Class A circuit, that automatically compensates for valve spread, maintaining excellent, reliable, sound quality for an extended period of time.

The proof of the pudding is in the eating, and the EAR 859 Integrated Amplifier does not disappoint. It has that unique valve sound, but without the usual single-ended mush. All of Tim de Paravicini’s designs bear the influence of his experience designing and using professional products, and this clearly shows.