EAR 8L6 Integrated Amplifier (Variation of 834)


EAR 8L6 Integrated Amplifier (Variation of 834)

The EAR 8L6 Integrated Amplifier has been designed to meet a wide variety of needs, from the most demanding of audiophiles to the professional seeking high quality monitoring equipment in the studio field. The circuit design uses push-pull output and driver stages, a high quality in-house-designed output transformer and low negative feedback. Tube life is long (and replacement costs modest) and the circuit operates in pure Class A.


An unusual feature of the 8L6 Integrated Amplifier is that it can be used as an integrated amplifier or as separate preamplifier and power amplifier. This is selected using the switch at the rear of the unit marked Pre/power split on. In integrated amplifier mode the front panel source selector works in the usual way to select any of the five inputs available on the rear. No connection is required between the Pre out sockets and the Power amp in sockets.


In pre-main mode the (passive) preamplifier section is disconnected internally from the power amplifier section, requiring an external connection between the Pre out sockets and the Power amp in sockets. This facility is provided to allow the user the option of connecting a signal processor such as an equaliser between the pre and power sections.


An additional benefit is that the Pre out sockets remain active when the 8L6 is in integrated mode, so that a second 8L6 (or other amplifier of similar gain) can be used slaved to the main one for bi-amping.


    • Power output: 50 watts/channel (30Hz – 15kHz at 1% THD into rated load)
    • Power Bandwidth: 15Hz – 40kHz at < 3% THD
    • I.M.Distortion: < 1% at any level from 10mW to 50 Watts
    • Output Damping Factor: 12
    • Signal to Noise Ratio: 85dB
    • Input Sensitivity: 200mV
    • Input Impedance: 47k Ohms
    • Power Consumption: 200 watts total
    • Weight: 20kg
    • Size: W 16 (405mm). D 16 (405mm). H 6 (150mm)
    • Valves: 2 x ECC83. 2 x ECC85. 8 x EL34