EAR M100 A Power Amplifier


Stereophile Class A Recommended Component, 2002

“In my experience, the TdP sound is bold, up-front, dynamic and to use modern parlance, kick ass. The sound is never shy, never lacking confidence and always close to the edge. If this combination were a car, it would be a TVR, not a Lexus. It is the kind of system which imparts excitement to almost everything…”– Ken Kessler, Hi-Fi News & Record Review


EAR M100 A Power Amplifier

Single-ended solid state mono power amplifiers operating in pure Class A. 100 wpc into all loads from 1 to 16 ohms. Transformer coupled. Balanced and unbalanced operation.

For the M100 A 100W monoblock, Tim says that the design is exactly as one would apply to valves, only using solid-state devices and incorporating an overkill power supply which contributes to a weight of 70kg per chassis, or 90kg in the crate. It is, unusually for a solid-state amplifier, transformer-coupled at the output, but this is necessary in true single-ended designs especially as regards the inefficiency of pure Class-A, single-ended operation.


  • Pure Class-A. 100 Watts per channel
  • Single ended solid state design
  • Transformer coupled output stage
  • Balanced and unbalanced operation