EAR V20 Integrated Amplifier


Stereophile Class-A Recommended Component

Product of the Year 2000 – Hi-Fi Review (Hong Kong)

“Listening to the EAR V20 Integrated Amplifier is very much a case of experiencing the same delights which make caviar more delicious than a pickled egg, a wristwatch more covetable than a wall clock, a Lotus 7 more fun to drive than a Sierra (bad analogy: a rickshaw is more fun to drive than a Sierra): quality over quantity. The EAR V20 Integrated Amplifier somehow manages to deliver the high-end virtues of a big sound stage and terrific, layered 3D, fast dynamic swings, low coloration, natural timbre and everything else we crave, but in a package shorn of excess.” – Ken Kessler, Hi-Fi News & Record Review


EAR V20 Integrated Amplifier

The EAR V20 Integrated Amplifier is a completely new concept in valve amplifier design. Forget all other more conventional designs, the V20 is a totally clean sheet of paper design.

The output valves are the indirectly heated ECC83 twin triode type, 10 per channel, operated in a parallel push pull class A circuit featuring Enhanced Triode Mode, as used in both the EAR 859 Single-Ended Triode Amplifier and the EAR 861 push-pull triode amplifier. This circuit provides superb linearity and very low distortion. In addition, the EAR V20 Integrated Amplifier uses Tim’s highly developed Balanced Bridge Mode ultra-wide-bandwidth output transformer, and no overall feedback.  The key design parameters were to extend frequency response at both ends of the spectrum, improve low level detail, and provide optimum loudspeaker coupling. All of these points have been successfully achieved in the V20, with superb reliability from the low priced triode output valves. (All valves in the V20 are true triode valves.)

The circuit is not the only new thing with this amplifier, the case work is new and unique. Tim wanted a more natural, harmonious look to his new amplifier, something less aggressive than traditional designs with exposed industrial looking iron transformer cores, hard angles, and valves stuck up in the air. The fascia is rounded, in a kind of half moon shape, with left & right channel valves positioned on opposing sides of the amplifier. Finish is exemplary, with wood-capped valve covers, heavy chrome-on-brass fascia, and gold plated control knobs.


  • I.M. Distortion:   less than 0.5%
  • Output Damping Factor:  10
  • Signal to Noise Ratio:  93dB (< 0.4mv)
  • Input Sensitivity:  40OmV
  • Input Impedance:  47kOhms
  • Power Consumption:  150 V/A
  • Weight:  22kg
  • Size:  42cm(W) x 44cm(D) x 13.5cm(H)
  • Valves: 26xECC83 (12AX7) 4xECCS2 (12AU7)
  • Power Output:  20 watts per channel 20Hz to 20kHz
  • Power Bandwidth:  12Hk-80kHz -3dB (Half power)