Lawrence Audio Cello Loudspeaker

Lawrence Audio Cello Speakers in Natural Rosewood finish

“I purchased the review pair as my new Reference”, Terry London, Home Theatre Review

First the Violin and Mandolin speakers – and now the THE CELLO, a reference lever floor standing model in their “stringed instrument” speaker lineup that has us dancing in the aisles!

Lawrence Audio Cello Loudspeaker
Lawrence Audio Mandolin, Cello and Violin Loudspeakers
Mandolin in Natural Cherry finish, Cello and Violin in Natural Rosewood 

We were so dazzled and delighted by the sound and design of the Lawrence Audio speakers at CES, that we took on the line, and agreed to act as their U.S. agent.

Since then we have found many happy and satisfied customers for this terrific line of unique and musical speakers!

Cello and stand mounted Violin speaker next to Lawrence Liao’s personal, carbon fiber Cello (very cool looking!) 

Lawrence Audio is based in Taiwan and has been a maker of high-end, limited edition, and custom-made speakers since 1996. Founded by audio designer, musician and artist Lawrence Liao, Lawrence Audio offers a complete line of unique, high end loudspeakers as well as top tier tube audio electronics.

Testimonials (on all Lawrence speakers)

ces2012innovationsaward_143_143_01   ces2011_innovations_award_143_143

Winner 2012 and 2011 CES Innovations Award

“The Lawrence Audio Cello Loudspeaker renders music in an amazingly natural and relaxing way… offering reference-level objective performance in all the important areas, such as soundstage, timbre, high and low extension, and dynamics. The highest compliment I can give to the Cellos is that they replaced my long-term reference MG20s, and I purchased the review pair as my new reference.”
– Terry London, (read the review)

“As was the case with the Violins, the Cellos provide a considerable amount for the money. The fit and finish is first rate, the shape is certainly eye catching and never gets old staring at it day in and day out and the musical experience defies the price. It will be a sad day when they move on but for now I will continue to enjoy their considerable charms and continue to expose people to the incredible bargain Lawrence Audio is bringing to the US market. Make arrangements to audition these speakers and you will understand completely, so much so you just might purchase a pair for yourself.
– Gary Lea, Positive Feedback (read the review)

“Like some other speakers I have reviewed in the past what the Lawrence Audio Violins DO provide is a very enjoyable experience with a good deal of detail resolution, strong ability to handle aggressive rhythm and pace, excellent sound staging, and a very fluid midrange. At the suggested retail price of $7500 they represent a fine investment in speakers and promise a long and happy life delivering great sound over a wide range of musical styles. At their current price, they are an absolute bargain!”
 – Gary Lea, Positive Feedback, read the review

Winner – Stereotime’s Most Wanted Component

“The Lawrence Audio Cello Loudspeakers are wonderful loudspeakers on many levels. Their lovely craftsmanship and looks will definitely enhance any room that they’re put in… These speakers are exactly what they look like and I believe exactly what Lawrence Liao designed them to be: elegant, musical and perfect for an intimate room and intimate music. Placed in the right system and space they will reward you with a musical experience that enhances your quality of life without doing too much damage to your bank account. Highly recommended!”
 – Dave Thomas, Stereotimes, read the review

Lawrence Audio Cello Loudspeaker


The Lawrence Party 1 was awarded “Best Recommended” by Audio Art

“We walked into the Lawrence Audio room at CES and immediately both agreed the music we were hearing sounded incredibly open, natural, engaging and beautifully lifelike. We were shocked to find out that we were not listening to the $100k reference floor standing Eagle speakers but the much smaller, stand mounted Party 1’s. We then listened to the larger, uniquely styled Violin speaker and were even more blown away. The Lawrence speakers deliver stunningly good sound and looks, are extremely well designed using top of the line materials, and are manufactured in Taiwan to extremely high standards showing excellent fit and finish.

Lawrence Liao (left) & Angela Yang (right) of Lawrence Audio
Don Jackson (center) of Audio Revelation,
Eagle and Violin speakers

We have since done extensive listening in our reference sytems to both the Violin, Mandolin and Party 1 and are even more impressed with the design, beauty and of course their amazing sound. We believe these speakers represent one of the best values in high end audio today!”
 – Jay Kaufman, Don Jackson, Audio Revelation

Adrian’s Violins (in Laquered Cherry Finish)

“Here are the Violins in my system. They match my room perfectly! How in the world can they make such a nice speaker is beyond me. Full range, amazing highs, big soundstage, excellent dynamics and looks to die for!
 – Adrian, Audio Revelation customer


I am a guitar teacher with my own music school and I also sell instruments. I bought a pair of Lawrence Audio Violins along with a whole series of amplifiers. I have heard guitar music played through friend’s speakers that are more expensive than Lawrence Audio speakers. Yet, Lawrence Audio speakers are the only speakers that can completely reproduce the actual sound of live guitar music. Although the Violin speakers are smaller in size the bass is deep and full. The sound coming from the tweeter, midrange, and bass is extremely balanced. Because the Violin has a ribbon tweeter, one will never tire of listening to music through this speaker.  I definitely recommend these speakers to everyone.”
 – Pei-Hua Yang, Guitar shop owner/music teacher

“I’m from San Francisco and I’m an architect. When my friends see my Lawrence Audio speakers, they all say that they’re beautiful, but they don’t know that they’re products of Taiwan until I mention it. I have a set of Lawrence speakers in my Arizona home and my San Francisco home. The design of the speakers combined with the sound of the speakers is what I consider great audio. I never thought that I would be able to hear such great sound from speakers made in Taiwan. This has changed my impression of the Taiwanese.”
– Jeb Allen, Architect, Audiophile

Lawrence Audio Cello Loudspeaker 2
Firebird and Violin speakers

“I am a businessman and I own a trade company. Lawrence Liao designed my house and shortly after, I bought the Lawrence Audio Violin speakers. The sound of the speakers was amazing, so I bought a second set of Lawrence speakers. This time they were floor standing speakers.  I enjoy the time I listen to music from these speakers very much.”
 – Benjamin Wu, Business owner, Audiophile 

“My name is Daniel Pan. I own a computer software company. For the past thirty years, I have used many different kinds and brands of foreign speakers. I have not found any other speaker to completely satisfy me, except Lawrence Audio speakers. I own five sets of Lawrence speakers. I have the Double Bass, two sets of Firebirds, the Cello, and the Violin. The sound from these speakers is truly remarkable. It does resemble being at a live performance. I recommend Lawrence speakers, because Lawrence Liao is a music and art expert. He definitely has the credibility to produce these marvelous speakers.”
 – Daniel Pan, Computer Software Company owner, Audiophile

Lawrence Audio designer showcase in Taipei
Owl center speaker (left), Violins (center) and Mandolin (right)
Cello on far right


Lawrence Audio Cello Loudspeaker

The Lawrence Audio Cello loudspeaker is a 3.5-way design with a two high performance carbon fiber woofer/subwoofer units perfectly partnered with two top of the line air motion tweeter/mid-treble which extends the frequency range up to 40kHz. It also has a ribbon tweeter located on the upper backside of the cabinet for added ambience and a wider and deeper soundstage. The Cello employs a mix of well engineered, high quality crossovers to deliver a seamless musical presentation.

The Cabinet is substantially braced and has a front grooved baffle designed to lower diffraction. The cabinets are available in a choice of Natural Cherry finish or Natural Rosewood finish.

These speakers are not only expertly designed but are manufactured to extremely high tolerances using high end components. Close inspection shows fit and finish to be top notch  – not only are these speakers a joy to listen to, they are beautiful to behold.

Lawrence Audio Cello Loudspeaker delivers a full range, very musical, engaging sound with a beautiful and natural midrange, tight articulate bass and nice open, pure and clear highs with excellent resolution and dynamics.

Lawrence Audio Cello Loudspeaker – side view

The Cello’s beautiful and unique cabinet design is intended to simulate the shape of a Cello. Due to its lack of parallel surfaces, this design is also beneficial sonically as it helps reduce standing waves and diffraction allowing the drivers to produce a very clean and pure sound. In addition, it’s polygonal, non equilateral shape allows for a narrow front baffle and an extremely rigid, non resonant cabinet.

Ported on the bottom, the Cello is easily placed and delivers deep, articulate bass.

Lawrence Liao, w/ Eagle and Violin speakers

Lawrence Liao, Artist, Musician, Stereo maker

Lawrence Liao is the founder and chairman of Taiwan-based Lawrence Audio Co. Ltd., a designer and manufacturer of high-end, state of the art loud speakers. He is a talented musician, loves music and plays many instruments and is also an interior design master with thirty years of experience. Combining his passion for music, with a well honed arsenal of technical knowledge and experience, along with a beautiful design aesthetic, he creates a series of unparalleled Hi-End loud speakers. Each Lawrence Audio speaker is precision crafted and is distinguishable with it’s the unique angular design and superior sound.

An interesting and informative article on Lawrence in the China Post can be found here.



Design:3.5-way vented-box
Frequency Response:32Hz-40kHz
Sensitivity: (2.83V/1m):90dB
Impedance:4 ohms (minimum 3.2 ohms)
Power Requirement:50-200W recommended
Tweeter:Air Motion Tweeter, 25mm×120mm
Rear Firing Tweeter Purified aluminum ribbon, 60mm×8.5mm×0.01mm
Woofer:2×200mm (8″). Aluminum frame, Non-woven carbon fiber, 50mm (2″) copper clad aluminum voice coil with flat wire, special magnet system with Faraday ring and demodulation coil, 120mm×20mm
Crossover Frequency:700Hz, 1.7kHz, 2.6kHz and 9kHz
Crossover’s Attenuation Slope:Woofer:W1 -12dB, W2 -18dB, Tweeter:T1 -24dB,T2 -12dB, Rear firing tweeter -12dB.
Crossover Components:High quality MKP capacitors, high purified OFC inductors and metal oxide film resistors
Connective Cable:Teflon insulated OCC cable
Connections:4 pcs WBT connector, Bi-wiring.
Finish:Natural Rosewood or Natural Cherry
Dimensions (HWD):1245mm×280mm×470mm (49″×11″×18.5″).
Net Weight:40 kgs/pc (88 lb/pc)
Box Dimensions (HWD) :1500mm×420mm×640mm (59″×16.5″×25″)
Gross Weight:52 kgs/pc (115 lb/pc)

Double Bass and Cello speakers