Magico S3 Mk2 Loudspeaker

Testimonials (on all Magico “S” series speakers)


The Magico S3/Vitus/Synergistic/dCS system. thought far from the most expensive, proved the most all round enjoyable”
 – Alan Taffel, The Absolute Sound, April, 2014

“The sound that the Magico S3’s produced was absolutely stunning; it was immediately discernible how good these speakers were. Everything sounded right, from the fast, tight bass, to the extremely wide and deep soundstage that sacrificed nothing in terms of imaging, to the effortless ease with which the speakers filled the very large room with the sense that I was “there.” What’s more, the S3’s kept ripping me out of “reviewer mode” and made my hands clammy with passion. Yes, this is how it’s supposed to be done; precisely the emotional response that makes you fall in love with a speaker…. Maybe it’s the new polycarbonate midrange enclosure, or the newly developed 8″ woofers, or the superb overall design concepts at Magico, but the S3 is the epitome of “the most bang for your buck.”
 – Spencer Holbert, CES 2014 Show Report, The Absolute Sound

“I want to share with you an experience we had last night listening to Magico S3 Loudspeaker for the first time. This is not something I normally do, but as it turns out, the S3 is quite special – even by Magico standards. As you know, the S3 has a newly developed internal midrange enclosure. This new housing has been created with the latest state-of-the-art simulation software. The unique shape and carefully chosen materials, when combined, create the ultimate “sound pressure absorption device.”  The results are nothing short of amazing, both in terms of measurements and performance. I was shocked to hear the clarity and palpability achieved with this new design in place. This is a major benchmark that is moving us even closer to the original recording. It is not everyday that I hear such an improvement. It only took one note to realize there is something new and special here… We are very excited about these new guys and look forward to you all hearing them very soon.”
  – Alon Wolf, President, Magico LLC

“The Magico S3 Loudspeaker does astronomically priced speaker performance without the Apollo Space Mission speaker price… this makes for the perfect ‘now’ loudspeaker; highly accurate, designed for modern life and without any of the fake ‘niceness’ or ‘impressive’ tailoring that normally comes with a high-end design. Highly recommended!
  – Alan Sircom, HiFi+, Sept., 2013      

“The S1 sounds sublime. The baby Magicos nailed the timbre of everything I heard through them. Male vocals and female vocals had a full-bodied, three-dimensional quality about them that just sounded right. Not crystalline, sparkling, rich, nor any other adjective really captures what I heard the S1s produce. I’ve heard a few loudspeakers that offer greater outright resolution and perhaps deliver a more transparent listening experience, but tonality through the Magico was just superb.”
 – Hans Wetzel,, CES 2013 report (read it here)

“The S1 appears to have a more lively sound than other Magico speakers demonstrated at shows, but it retains the precision and control that have carved out such a strong following for the brand over the past few years.”
 – The, CES 2013 report

BEST SOUND OF SHOW (2012 Munich Hi End Show)

“Actively displayed for the first time, Magico’s most affordable aluminum-bodied multiways, the $28k S5s, on the other hand, were tremendously engaging, utterly delightful, very lifelike on lifelike recordings, and joys to listen to…Magico is going to have what I think will be its hottest seller yet in this wonderful transducer.”
– Jonathan Valin, The Absolute Sound, report on 2012 Munich Show

“The S5 was robust and powerful in the bass, smooth yet detailed in the treble, with an intoxicating midrange that would seem to invite long listening sessions. The highs were airy and fast over the several cuts we heard, yet they never became harsh — the S5 seems to be voiced just right, actually. But the bass — oh, the bass. First, it freakin’ pounded. I mean, shake-the-walls and rattle-the-rafters pounded. These speakers will play loud, clean, and loud — frankly, they played louder than any speaker I’ve heard anywhere near their size. My initial reaction is that a pair of them will have astonishing dynamic range, but that they can also display finesse when needed. And they always maintained that silky smooth midrange no matter the cut we heard…

My prediction? Magico will sell more of these speakers than any other model in the company’s history. They are that good for a price that is that right!”
 – Jeff Fritz, The Soundstage Network (read the review)


Magico S3 Mk2 Loudspeaker

Magico, the leader in high performance loudspeaker design and manufacture, is pleased to announce the new S1 Mk II.

At first glance the S1 Mk II appears similar to its predecessor however, it is an entirely new design and incorporates distilled elements from Magico’s ground breaking engineering accomplishments found in the S7.

HyperFocal: 0

The S3 Mk II nestles in between the S1 Mk II and S5 Mk II and features all of the advanced design elements of the S-Series Mk II models, including a new 9-inch bass driver with the lowest measured distortion born from the design and engineering theories applied to the limitededition, 10th Anniversary M-Project. The S3 Mk II’s superlative high frequencies are provided by a 1-inch Magico diamond-coated beryllium-diaphragm tweeter that offers matching sensitivity, wide dispersion, and increased power handling over the original S-series tweeter. A new aluminum housing for the magnet structure minimizes overall resonance and improves the isolation parameters for the tweeter dome element. The long-throw voice coil enables lower distortion and optimal cutoff frequencies that enhance driver integration with the midrange driver.

Magico’s extraordinary midrange reproduction is attained from a proprietary 6-inch driver that also sets a new benchmark for measured performance. The cone material is formulated using MultiWall carbon fiber and a layer of XG Nanographene, which when combined is 20% lighter and 300% stiffer than the previous S-series cone designs. The purpose-built sub-enclosure is made of a proprietary polymer material which provides an isolated and optimized environment for the midrange driver to operate within.Deep, powerful, and accurate bass frequencies result from two newly designed 9-inch Magico bass drivers that are produced with advanced manufacturing techniques using the same new Multi-Wall carbon, Nanographene cone. The powerful magnet structure controls a 5-inch pure Titanium voice coil that has a 1/2-inch of linear excursion and produces clean, undistorted sound pressure levels up to 112dB @ 50Hz/1-meter.

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The monocoque enclosure of the S3 Mk II is formed from a single piece of extruded aluminum that is 3/8-inch thick and 12-inches in diameter. The new aluminum top plate is machined into an elegant 3D convex shape to minimize enclosure diffraction and break-up vertical standing waves. A massive base plate incorporates a newly designed 4-point outrigger support system that lowers the speaker’s center of gravity and increases overall stability, resulting in a lower noise floor and increased dynamic range.

All four drivers in the S3 Mk II are acoustically integrated using Magico’s exclusive Elliptical Symmetry Crossover topology that utilizes state-of-the-art components from Mundorf of Germany. The dividing network maximizes frequency bandwidth while preserving phase linearity and minimizing intermodulation distortion. Individual driver performance and the loudspeaker in its final form are tested and optimized for acoustical, mechanical, electromagnetic, and thermal behaviors using the latest state-of-the-art Finite Element Analysis simulation testing equipment.

The S3 Mk II is available in two separate finishes: M-Cast (textured satin coat) and M-Coat (smooth high-gloss paint).


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