Origin Live Calypso MK3-1 Turntable

Origin has four tonearm options from $1100 to $3050 to compliment the Calypso. Show with optional Origin Live Encounter MK3c
Also available with dual armboard (extra charge)

“Exceptional Value Award for 2017. Highly recommended.”
– Tone Audio, 2017

The Origin Live Calypso MK3-1 Turntable – New MK3-1 version includes motor, power supply and transformer upgrades over MK3 version!

Audio Revelation is a full line Origin Live dealer with four Origin turntables and six tonearms ready to play. Remember, we specialize in analog with twelve tables, fourteen arms, sixteen cartridges and twelve phono preamps up and running from $3,000 to over $30,000 (table, arm & cartridge)!


Testimonials (on all Origin Live turntables)


“After living with the Origin Live Calypso and Encounter for some time now, I can recommend it wholeheartedly. It offers a high level of performance for the price asked, but more importantly (at least to me) it offers a tremendous level of balance… Good as this all is, there is a high level of “upgradability” as well, so this is a table that you can live with for a long time, perhaps forever. The ability to add a second arm is a huge bonus, whether you have two arms in mind now, or decide that as your record collection diversifies, it can be easily added.
Great sound, great price, great deck. The Origin Live Calypso/Encounter is highly deserving of an Exceptional Value Award for 2017. Highly recommended.”
– Jeff Dorgay, Toneaudio.com (read the review)

“Via the Calypso, music sounds crisp and focused, with bags of individualilty and presence. One got a clear idea of the various instruments occupying defined spaces, with a solid impression of ambience… The Calypso sounded very cohesive and “together”. Voices and instruments were separated and retained their individuality, but it always sounded like everyone was playing together …  Surface noise is very low and the Calypso gives inky-black backgrounds… Quite certainly, while listening to the Origin Live Calypso, I thought “it doesn’t get much better than this“. But that’s a dangerous thing to say, given that the Calypso isn’t even Origin Live’s top model.
 – Jimmy Hughes, Hi-Fi+

“This turntable gets the thumbs up it thoroughly deserves for the fine performance it provided”
– Malcolm Steward, HI FI CHOICE


Sovereign Reviews

“With all forms of music it remains effortlessly composed, giving tremendous insight into the original recording’s emotion. Detail levels stun, revealing subtleties we had never noticed even in some of our personal faves. The separation of instruments is fantastic too: the sound appears to be huge and beautifully spread through the vast soundstage, while bass is deep, tuneful and punchy… We can’t recommend this Origin Live deck highly enough: it has the power to stop a herd of wildebeest with it’s authority – yet it can also bring a grown man to his knees in tears.”
– What Hi-Fi Magazine

“The trio (Sovereign Conqueror Lyra Olympos) made me forget the walls of my listening room. Fed by well produced records you felt immediately transported into the recording location. In terms of speed, the combination not only gets from zero to one hundred in record time, but also gets back to standing in the same time. So much detail, so much speed, so much space and such a full presentation should be hard to get anywhere else at this price. For me ORIGIN LIVE in the analogue sector is the discovery of the year!”
– Dirk Sommer, Image Hi-Fi

An astounding table that always performs to the highest levels and in the most balanced, musical way possible. Even when compared against benchmark tables at double the price it’s always beautifully compelling and fully competitive. What more can you ask? Note: I’ve had more than one customer who shopped here and heard all/most of my best tables and say that if they weren’t going to buy the near $20,000 Brinkmann or Avid Reference the Sovereign would be their choice.
– Jay, Audio Revelation

Resolution Reviews

“The new Resolution MK2 is one of the quietest turntables I have yet heard ….now comes part assembled and is much easier to set up than many suspended types. The Resolution MK2 and Encounter MK3 are superbly designed and built, and proved a pleasure to use…….The result then was breathtaking power and passion, without the need to turn up the volume particularly high… It was thumbs aloft then for the latest Origin Live Resolution MK2 and Encounter MK3 tonearm.”
 – Hi-Fi World 2008

Most companies would be thrilled to receive a review with just one of the amazing quotes below from Michael Fremer – Origin Live got three.  These reviews were of the original Mk1 version – the Mk2 is very much better.

“In fact, this arm-table combo is one of the finest performers I’ve heard at any priceI could make a case for preferring this $4465 spread to my $20,000+ rig… The Resolution Modern works brilliantly, is well-built, and its price is right. But regardless of price, this is one of the truly special products I’ve reviewed in the past 18 years.”
– Michael Fremer, Stereophile 

“A beautifully crafted, superb sounding turntable that’s a smoother, more beguiling alternative to the best of the rest. If a turntable like Origin Live’s Resolution had come out twenty years ago, the whole hi-fi world would have gone bananas. Here’s a brilliantly designed thoroughly modern way to play music.”
– Hi-Fi World

Aurora Reviews 

“The Origin Live Aurora MKII is a truly significant product. No other turntable near its price is even close to its sonic and music-making abilities… Considering that there are turntables on the market that demand a mortgage to buy, the Aurora MKII’s $1350 price is unusually rational. Mark Baker has done it again: the Aurora MKII sets the musical and sonic standard for its price range. It is capable of communicating the intent of all kinds of music and of triggering the deepest and most exalted musical ecstasy. My wholehearted recommendation!
 – Paul Szabady, Stereotimes

“Surely the best £750 black disc spinner in outright sonic terms”
– Hi-Fi World 2008 (on the Aurora MK2)

The Aurora MK2 dramatically improves on the performance and looks of the former Aurora which garnered the following outstanding reviews:


“Clear precise presentation; realistic vocals; full-bodied attack; thrilling dynamics … The moment you spin some vinyl, the sound stuns… This is what vinyl’s all about – close your eyes and you’ll believe the singers are in your room…delivers realism of the highest order… dynamics are excellent, which means continually engrossing performances and edge of the seat listening. You also get a vast, room filling soundstage… the sonic news couldn’t be better… It looks like a star and sounds like heaven – a class leader in every respect.”
– What Hi-Fi; Group Test Winner and 5 Star Rating for Aurora

“The musical and sonic resolution of this Origin Live pair results in a deep aesthetic reaction to music, the most satisfactory and consistent I’ve yet experienced. A Most Wanted Component of the Year? Yes.
– Stereo Times

“This is one of the few turntables I could listen to for days at a time with no hint of listening fatigue. It presents the music as it was recorded… Pace is second to none along with precision and an extremely believable sound stage. Even with the least expensive pick up arm, this turntable projects an image that is frighteningly realistic…”
– Hi-Fi World

Winner of Stereo Times most wanted component of the year Award in combination with the Illustrious tonearm.  “Simply stated, the Origin Live Illustrious tonearm/Aurora Gold turntable produce the best musical results of any turntable I’ve ever heard, regardless of price. The level of musical communication available from the Illustrious/Aurora Gold is in a class by itself. It sets a new reference.”
-Stereo Times, Most Wanted Components 



Origin Live Calypso MK3-1 Turntable

For out and out performance and musical thrills the Calypso embodies what Origin Live has always delivered: A peerless ability to capture the energy and heart of the musical performance and pop it into your listening room. With the Calypso the magnitude of your enjoyment is greatly enhanced while the cost retains the super high value Origin is most noted for.

Brilliant design, the hallmark of Origin Live, is achieved through long hard work, plenty of experience and R&D fined tuned with many, many hours of critical evaluations. High-grade parts are employed to further their exceptional performance. The Calypso maintains its stature in comparison with other turntables even when fitted with inexpensive tonearms and cartridges. Investing that little bit extra in the turntable can therefore result in a considerable overall saving.

The strengths of the Calypso lie in its superb transparency, coupled with palatable sound staging and imaging. It is very neutral and will suit most systems exceptionally well. You can expect this turntable to give you many years of listening pleasure.

The Calypso improves on the lower deck in the Origin Live range by virtue of a significantly upgraded motor supply and improved isolation of the main bearing along with other aspects such as a high mass solid metal “inertia” disc to damp vibration in the plinth. The upgrade platter mat is also included on this model as with all above it.

The Calypso also comes in a dual armboard version.

Now in New, Improved MK3.1 version!
Improvements over original MK3 version:


A costly new motor upgrade which has significantly improved performance. The new motors increase drive torque between 2 and 4 times that of previous decks. The sound improvement of this motor upgrade is dramatic with more punch, increased pace, dynamics and slam in the bass. Because the new motors are smoother running, resolution and all other aspects are also improved.


– The turntable power supply has also been improved to include temperature compensation so speed is now hardly affected by room temperature changes. Allied to this is an increase in load compensation.


– The upgrade transformer (optional) has also been dramatically improved using a fully balanced, noise reducing configuration, allied with a purpose built design to improve mains isolation. Marked improvements to all aspects of sound quality are immediately apparent when comparing this with the original transformer.




MK3-1 tables:

Origin Live Aurora MK3-1 Turntable has introduced a number of major improvements in the MK3 and MK3-1 range of turntables dramatically improving on their design of award winning products. The new decks represent a significant increase in performance and value to an already superb sound.

Technical enhancements over previous models are:

•New type of Acrylic platter material with reduced internal stresses.
•Increased thickness of platter due to changes in overall design.
•New Bearing hub designed for faster energy transmission.
•Lower friction bearing.
•Increased size of plinth for improved aesthetics and stability.
•Improved power supply.
•New belt Material now hand made delivers better sound.
•Quieter motor from additional pod damping.

The result is music reproduction with particular improvements in:

•Rock solid imaging.
•Reduced colouration.
•Refined presentation of low level information.
•More refined separation of individual insturments and vocals.



  • Extremely high-grade bearing, precision bored, honed and polished.  The bearing rotates in a pure film of special oil with no surface to surface contact other than the load bearing tip. The load bearing tip acts as a single energy transmission point, essential for sound purity.
  • Platter material is a specially formulated acrylic .
  • Origin tables are non-suspended yet the entire sub-chassis rest on a single point for superb isolation from vibration.
  • A large motor pod imparts great stability to the high-grade DC 200 motor and results in a hiher torque on the platter – increased to approx. 4 times what is was previously.
  • Larger diameter motor pod eliminates groundborne vibration effects on motor.
  • VTA is included for all Origin Live arms and arms with Rega geometry. Most other arms can be accommodated.
  • Heavy inertia disc for mounting the sub-chassis reduces vertical modes of vibration. Inertia disc pods resist rotational forces due to ground bourn and air bourn vibration. 
  • “Ultra” load compensating motor regulation circuit  incorporates higher grade components and improved stability. Speed control is easily switched electronically between 33 and 45 rpm (78 rpm is also available on request) and pitch adjustable.
  • There is nothing to go “out of tune” on the Calypso turntable and setup is a snap. The turntable is non-suspended and the centre loading makes it simple to set up and fuss free.
  • Upgradeable: All decks can be upgraded with Origin Live Stage 1 or Stage 2 power supplies, &’Upgrade’ outboard transformer and DC 200 motor.
  • Mirror finish black is standard, clear polished acrylic, frosted acrylic and polished white optional.
  • The Calypso can accommodate most arms by simply changing the sub chassis plate. Subchassis plates are available for SME, Linn, Graham, Hadcock arms – All Roksan arms can be fitted using an adaptor. Also available in a dual armboard version.