Origin Live Voyager Turntable

Shown above with optional Origin Live Enterprise-C Tonearm and cartridge. Many options available

Origin Live launches Flagship Voyager and Voyager S Turntables!

Testimonials (on all Origin Live tables)


Turntable of the Year Award, 2016 – HiFi+

“It’s one of those rare turntables that doubles as a time machine; you don’t just play an  album, you are transported to where you were when you first heard that album. Records you know well suddenly sound like this is the first time you’ve heard them, and you can give the Sovereign/Enterprise duo any vinyl-related test you can think of and it will come up trumps. Origin Live’s turntable and arm combination is an outstanding and natural pairing, and comes highly recommended.
 – Alan Sircon, HiFi+ (read the review)

*****  5 out of 5 Stars
We can’t recommend this Origin Live deck highly enough: it has the power to stop a herd of wildebeest with its authority – yet it can also bring a grown man to his knees in tears…”
– What Hi-Fi Magazine (read the review)

Sovereign awarded “best analogue product” in Italy by “Fedeltà del Suono” magazine
“This is a high end turntable/arm combination that flies close to the ultimate in terms of performance level…. the Sovereign sits at the pinnacle of current turntable production unless you pay crazy money. As for the [Illustrious] arm, all I can say is, ‘superb and well done.'”
 – Bebo Moroni-Fedelt, del Suono magazine (read the review)

“The Resolution Mk3 and Illustrious tonearm produce the kind of sonics that make you want to keep listening record after record… it works brilliantly, is well built and the price is right. I hope you get my drift: this is one of the truly special products I’ve reviewed over the past 27 years, regardless of price.”
 – Michael Fremer, Analog Planet (read the review)

“An astounding table that always performs to the highest levels and in the most balanced, musical way possible. Even when compared against benchmark tables at double the price it’s always beautifully compelling and fully competitive. What more can you ask?”
– Jay, Audio Revelation


Origin Live Voyager Turntable – A new world of resolution

The Voyager is the culmination of over 25 years research into the art of turntable design. Performance derives from many tried and tested techniques along with innovative ideas. This is nothing less than you would expect from our track record of 17 Awards won through intensive experience in this field.

The Voyager is also available in an “S” version where no expense is spared. If there was ever a perfect deck, this is it. Expensive ultra high strength alloys are employed alied with further intricate machining and numerous refinements to details. A 2nd drive motor is also added which further increases the already outstanding dynamics. Every care has been taken with the usual conscientiousness of Origin Live, to produce an utterly exceptional performer.

You may be asking yourself whether the differences between turntables are really that significant, and also wondering how much you should invest in a good front end. To make an informed choice on how a better deck will dramatically improve your system performance, please see What makes a deck better?. This also reveals the story behind our cutting edge performance and introduces many aspects that apply to all our decks, saving repetition that would otherwise occur on every turntable page.

At the UKs best attended Hi Fi show in Bristol, Origin demonstated the Voyager with speakers costing a mere £169 and a subwoofer at £450. Asking the question “how good can vinyl sound with £169 speakers? Comments varied from Awsome to very good with 3 reviewers saying it made the point. Origin also had an email from 2 proffessional musicians (not clients) who stated this was the best sound they heard at the show.

Build philosophy and construction

  • Special attention has been devoted to the design of the platter and bearing assembly. This embodies the concept of transmiting energy instantaneously from the record, whilst also preventing vibration from the motor, the bearing, and the environment, entering the record. This sounds simple but is close to impossible to achieve in practice.
  • The Voyager platter uses intricate and unique mechanisms to create the equivalent of mechanical diodes. For non electrical readers, a diode allows electrical energy to flow only forwards but not backwards. Traditional heavyweight platters are inadequate to achieve this requirement as they tend to reflect vibration in the record (produced by the cartridge), straight back into the stylus.  Crude felt mats can only transmit certain frequencies which cause timing problems and other issues.
  • The Voyager uses a multi part platter designed to transmit energy at all frequencies without the reflection problems encountered in many platter designs. The energy is controlled by a series of shock absorption mechanisms created from long experience in controlling micro shock waves. Key components are made from highly specified alloys to achieve highest energy transmission speed and low “ringing” effects. Material composition, profiling and the right damping methods are critical to accomplish this.
  • True expertise is the ability to know which details make all the difference. Its easy to invest enormous sums in fanciful notions that don’t necessarily make a musically coherent product.
  • You will notice that the Voyager has many seemingly insignificant details. For example, lightening hole profiles and part shapes are all carefully derived from experience of structural analysis – vital for the correct manangement of micro-vibration. This is not the brute force approach adopted by some spectacular decks where energy reflection seems to produce a lack of musicality and subtle mis-timing in micro dynamics.
  • The Bearing in the standard Voyager has been developed over decades to yield extremely low levels of friction and vibration. Features include, micron precision, large diameter for absolute rigidity, and a special oil.
  • The motor is chosen for powerfull smooth rotation whilst maintaining very low levels of vibration.
  • Drive belt consists of a low stretch, high grip material which is now widely recognised (in the form of our “upgrade belt”) as a significant advance over ground neoprene belts, threads, tapes etc.
  • The Voyager plinth is constructed from high grade alloy and carefully damped to reduce ringing effects.
  • Up to 3 off, 9″ to 12 inch tonearms can be mounted at the same time. Armboards are easily changed and adjusted.

The result is a deck with astonishing speed, clarity and accurate tonal balance. It will spoil you for all other decks.


– 33 & 45rpm speed
– Platter Mass 9kg
– Overall Weight 27.8kg
– Belt drive on DC speed motor