Proac Response D TWO Loudspeaker

‘The Response D Two represents something pretty special’ – The Absolute Sound


“As I’ve already intimated, the D Two is, for me, a back-to-the-future speaker. Tyler and the merry men of ProAc have taken everything that I admired about the original Response Two, and channeled that spirit—and then some—into the revitalized, present-day D Two. Perhaps comeback is too strong a term, but in its size class the Response D Two represents something pretty special. All the more special since ProAc has managed to hold the line on costs—not easy when the dollar bumps up against the British pound. Finally, an economic stimulus package that’s truly music to the ears.”

– Neil Gader, The Absolute Sound (read the review)

“Combined with a high-quality source, Leben’s CS600 integrated amplifier and ProAc’s Response D Two loudspeakers are a magically synergistic combination—a marriage made in heaven. And on their own, too, each is well worth your audition.”
– John Marks, Stereophile (read the review)

Rated FIVE out of FIVE STARS by What Hi*Fi

“So how do the ProAcs Response 2D sound? In a word: wonderful. These speakers are all about balance. No part of the frequency range intrudes, and dynamics, timing and stereo imaging are spot-on. Whether you listen to Mahler or Mos Def, the D Twos sound right at home, with just the right mix of refinement, drive and finesse to keep most people happy.”
– What Hi*Fi (read the review)

“These ProAc Response 2D’s sound superb no matter what the genre…jazz, rock, classical, pop, modern—you name it. And it isn’t only the speakers’ tonal qualities that are superb: the treble is extended and, considering the modest dimensions of the enclosure, so too is the bass. I had absolutely no doubt that ProAc must match its drivers because the stereo imaging is pin-point and, when you’re in the ‘sweet spot’ the illusion of you being ‘surrounded’ by sound is compelling… a real ‘close your eyes and you’re there’ experience.
– (read the review)

Proac Response D TWO Loudspeaker 1


Proac Response D TWO Loudspeaker

The Response D TWO is a new speaker in the Proac tradition, designed for the finest quality music and giving true monitor performance. The cabinet is made from a heavily damped, thin-wall rigid birch ply carcass, with a 25mm back panel. The bass driver is new, using the same cone technology as the Response D15 but with a revised coil and magnet. The tweeter is the same 1″ silk dome as used in other ProAc models and the drive units are seamlessly mated with an HQ network designed and built by ProAc. Sound quality from the D TWO is one of extreme transparency; a lush and potent bass response and a silky detailed high frequency. The D TWO also have a huge sound stage with pinpoint imagery. The speakers are designed to sit on high mass stands from 18″ high depending on your seating position.


Proac Response D TWO Loudspeaker 3


ProAc loudspeakers have a reputation for exceptional sound and build quality. Their enclosures may look conventional but this hides the advanced technology required to build a rigid and well-damped cabinet. Their loudspeakers are made in their factory at Brackley, England. They are slim and elegant, finished in gorgeous real wood veneer.

With first class sound quality, you’ will be listening to ProAc speakers long after you would have become tired of a fashionable but poor sounding alternative. They are renowned for producing compact high-end speakers evidenced by both Tablette and Response 1SC which have become iconic over the years.


Proac Response D TWO Loudspeaker 4


  • Two-way, stand-mounted, ported loudspeaker.
  • Drive-units: 1″ silk-dome tweeter, 6.5″ glass-fiber cone woofer.
  • Frequency range: 30Hz–30kHz.
  • Nominal impedance: 8 ohms.
  • Sensitivity: 88.5dB/2.83V/m.
  • Recommended amplifier power: 30–150Wpc.
  • Dimensions: 17″ H by 8″ W by 10.25″ D.
  • Finishes: Real-wood veneers of black ash, mahogany, cherry, or maple; bird’s-eye maple or ebony available at extra cost