Proac Tablette Anniversary Loudspeaker

‘Tablettes offer a unique combination of high resolution and musicality that makes them a top contender’ – The Absolute Sound


“Over thirty years ago, when I heard the ProAc Tablettes for the first time I thought they were an exceptional speaker. Not much has changed in the interim. I still think they have a special magic. Tablettes offer a unique combination of high resolution and musicality that makes them a top contender for desk space, if you are looking for a small-footprint high-resolution monitor speaker.”
– Steven Stone, The Absolute Sound (read the review)


“As readers of my reports may have noticed, I am a fanatic about midrange clarity and imaging. These happen to be the two characteristics in which the Tablettes outperform not only their direct competition, but also more expensive speakers as well.”
– Dick Olsher, Stereophile


“The minute you fire up these tiny marvels, you’ll be knocked back like the dude in the Maxell chair. These little speakers rock the house with full range sound that is incredibly disproportionate to their size. And yes darling, they produce real bass… the ProAc Tablettes are so damn good, these could be the last pair you buy.”
 – Jeff Dorgay, (read the review)


“The best version yet. Of course you could buy a small monitor speaker for far less but you’d be penny-wise and pound-foolish. The Tablette Anniversary is one of the world’s great loudspeakers: a classic, an icon, a small miracle that could trick me into thinking I was listening to a pair of Quads. Just so you don’t misunderstand: this is one of the greatest speakers ever made. They’re my speakers now
– Sam Tellig, Stereophile


proac tablette aniversary loudspeaker 2


Proac Tablette Anniversary Loudspeaker


Unbelievable Lows and Highs. The Ultimate Tablette!


The original ProAc Tablette was launched 30 years ago to instant critical acclaim and redefined performance in mini-monitor class loudspeakers at that time. There have been nine incarnations of the Tablette to date and each one has seen improvements in bass extension, midrange transparency and imaging.


proac tablette aniversary loudspeaker 6


Reproducing a large soundstage is a difficult task for a small loudspeaker, because of lack of bass power due to the limitations of the cabinet size. After a year’s intense R and D however, ProAc are confident in having significantly improved this area of performance with only marginal increments to the cabinets dimensions.


Extra bass power and soundstage size comes from a new 5 inch mid-bass driver which utilizes a Kevlar cone designed by ProAc. This drive unit gives uncanny bass extension, and is loaded by one large, rear port. A new ProAc developed 20mm dome tweeter features a special material on the front plate to dissipate phase anomalies and cancellations. The drivers are seamlessly integrated via a high quality crossover network.


As well as improved efficiency and power handling, the Tablette Anniversary produces a significantly larger soundstage. Shut your eyes and the classic Tablette, trademark ability to produce of a large soundstage from such a small enclosure, is now taken to a much higher level.


proac tablette aniversary loudspeaker 4


A huge amount of work has gone into the new Tablette Anniversary and we think you will enjoy listening to the results as much as Proac has enjoyed creating this new loudspeaker. We recommend you audition this stunning new classic miniature and enjoy the legendary Tablette magic in the finest version Proac has ever produced.


proac tablette aniversary loudspeaker 7


  • Driver complement: 5.875″ (150mm) polymer-impregnated Kevlar mid/bass cone with black acrylic phase plug; 20mm ProAc silk dome tweeter with damped front plate. Mirror image offset configuration.
  • Nominal impedance: 8 ohms
  • Recommended amplifiers: 10 to 120W
  • Frequency response: 35Hz to 30kHz
  • Sensitivity: 86.5dB linear for 1 watt at 1 meter
  • Dimensions: 6″ x 10.625″ x 9.75″
  • Weight: 5kg (each)