SOTA Sapphire Turntable

The Sota Sapphire Turntable, ‘A reference-quality turntable; I consider it state-of-the-art’ – Stereophile


“After almost thirty years, the Sapphire, SOTA’s first product, is not only current but has been improved in all areas while retaining the designer David Fletcher’s revolutionary inverted sapphire bearing and four point handing suspension that still ensures isolation from environmental disturbances second to none and equaled by almost none …the Sapphire remains for me the least expensive go-to turntable for the absolute sound.”
– Paul Seydor, TAS Golden Ear Winner 

“It is clearly better-sounding than any of the British ‘tables I have heard. The Sota Star Sapphire is a reference-quality turntable; I consider it state-of-the-art, In view of the cost of other premium turntables, the Star’s price certainly seems reasonable and must be considered as offering excellent value for the money.”
 – Steven W. Watkinson, Stereophile (read the review)

“…the SOTA Sapphire Turntable is a mature design that traces its DNA straight from the Golden Age of audiophile analog. Unfussy in set up and unperturbed by the listening environment, it promises to make marvelous music for decades to come.”
Bruce Kinch, Listener

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The Sota Sapphire Turntable

A turntable must address and resolve all of the issues that affect ultimate performance, if it is to achieve the goal of bringing you closest to the musical experience. The basic goal of achieving maximum information retrieval in turntable performance is one of controlling microscopic vibrations – a task that requires the utmost in engineering precision and comprehensive design.

The design objectives of Dynamic Stability (the control of forces present in a dynamic system), Environmental Isolation (the control of forces from “outside” the turntable’s world), Easy Set-up (guaranteed results in all situations), Control Over Vinyl Resonance and Variations, (which would otherwise undermine the performance of even the best turntables) and Control Over Power Line Impurities (which are present in all installations and result in sonic anomalies if not controlled), are all addressed in the design of the SOTA line of precision turntables.

Both the SERIES V SAPPHIRE™ and the SERIES V JEWEL™share almost all the same design objectives. The main difference lies in the suspension. The SAPPHIRE™ features the traditional four-point spring suspension. The JEWEL™ features the four-point elastic suspension. This viscro elastic suspension is similar to our top-of-the-line MILLENNIA™ model. A new SERIES V SAPPHIRE™ would also include our I-Clamp record clamp. The I-Clamping device is available as an optional accessory for not only the JEWEL™, but many other model turntables.

The Sota SAPPHIRE™ and JEWEL™ turntables shared design objectives include:

  • Floating Seismic Platform Suspension with 22 lb. Balanced Sub-Chassis Hung from Four Point Spring Suspension System
  • Internally Damped Multi-layer 14 lb. Platter
  • Inverted Bearing Design with Sapphire Thrust Plate and Chrome Steel Bearing
  • I-Clamp Clamping Device
  • Acrylic Supermat
  • “Bolt-Through” Multi-Layer Armboard Block Mounting
  • Electronic Flywheel Ultra-Regulated, High-Speed Power Supply for Motor System
  • High-Efficiency A/C Motor with Double-Regulated, Synthesized Sine-Wave Drive and Balanced Pulley
  • Electronic Speed Control and Speed Change
  • Interchangeable Tonearms with SOTA Wood Armboard
  • Optional Tension-Hinged Clear Dust Cover
  • Optional Finishes
  • Two Year Parts & Labor Warranty

Turntables must control every issue that affects performance in order to faithfully reproduce what’s on the record. The basic goal, maximum information retrieval, is one of controlling microscopic vibrations – a task that requires the utmost in engineering precision and comprehensive design.

All SOTA precision tables accomplish the challenging task of controlling the forces within and from without the turntable such as vinyl resonance, acoustic vibration (from speakers) to impure power source thus allowing your tonearm/cartridge combination to achieve their maximum level of performance.


  • Rumble: less than -60db unweighted (10cm/sec @ 1000Hz)
  • Wow & Flutter: less than .04% RMS
  • Suspension: tuned 4-point stretched-spring sub-chassis, 2.55 Hz frequency
  • Platter: individually balanced 14 lb one-piece cast platter with internal damping, lead flywheel ring, acrylic Supermat
  • Vacuum System: electronic-sensing. provides LP clamping vacuum pressure of 3.0 Hg. +/- 0.2 Hg
  • Shaft: hardened steel, hand matched to sintered bronze sleeves
  • Motor: high-efficiency A/C motor with double-regulated, synthesized sine-wave drive and balanced pulley; electronic flywheel with ultra-regulated, high-speed power supply for motor system
  • Bearing: thrust pad; polished sapphire disc; thrust point: hardened chrome steel ball
  • Transmission: belt driven
  • Speeds: 33-1/3 and 45 RPM electronically switchable with fine tuning
  • Weight: 44 lb (20 kg) turntable only
  • Dimensions: 7-1/2″ H (to top of dust cover), 20-1/4″ W, 16-1/2″ D