SOTA Satellite Turntable


“SOTA is one of those companies that has been making wonderful products for so long it’s easy to overlook them in the hoopla of “the next best thing”. I rediscovered SOTA in 2004 and fell in love soon after getting my Sapphire – a full of life sound that is positively satisfying. You won’t find a more sensible, high value performance table for your LP’s – including any of seven other table brands I sell! Classically designed with fully modern results, consider SOTA for your next turntable.” – Jay, Audio Revelation


SOTA Satellite Turntable

The SOTA SATELLITE Turntable utilizes the MOONBEAM and COMET design format, but adds tonearm flexibility using the standard SOTA armboards and a decoupled motor/platter sub-chassis design utilizing a visco-elastic suspension.

  • Four-point Elastic Suspension
  • Non-Vacuum Platter, Internally Damped, Multi-layer 14 lb.
  • Inverted Bearing Design with Sapphire Thrust Plate and Chrome Steel Bearing
  • Acrylic Supermat?
  • “Bolt-Through”, Multi-Layer Armboard Block Mounting
  • High-Efficiency A/C Motor with Double-Regulated, Synthesized Sine-Wave Drive and Balanced Pulley
  • Electronic Speed Control and Speed Change
  • Interchangeable Tonearms with SOTA Wood Armboard
  • Optional Tension-Hinged Clear Dust Cover
  • Optional Finishes
  • Two Year Parts & Labor Warranty

Turntables must control every issue that affects performance in order to faithfully reproduce what’s on the record. The basic goal, maximum information retrieval, is one of controlling microscopic vibrations – a task that requires the utmost in engineering precision and comprehensive design.

All SOTA precision tables accomplish the challenging task of controlling the forces within and from without the turntable such as vinyl resonance, acoustic vibration (from speakers) to impure power source thus allowing your tonearm/cartridge combination to achieve their maximum level of performance.


SOTA Satellite Turntable
  • Rumble: Less than ?65dB unweighted
  • Wow & Flutter: Less than .1%
  • Weight: 28 lb (13kg) Turntable only
  • Bearing: Polished shaft on hardened chrome steel ball in Turcite spindle sleeve
  • Platter: Two layers of 3/8″ Plexiglas sandwiching energy absorbing dampening materials with interface mat
  • Motor: A/C synchronous
  • Suspension: Hanging four point elastic
  • Transmission: Belt driven
  • Speeds: 33-1/3 and 45 RPM
  • Dimensions: 7-1/2″ to top of dust cover, 20-1/4″W, 16-1/2″D