Tannoy Definition Loudspeakers


“This is Tannoy Definition DC8 a bold, accomplished speaker, up there with the best.”
– What HiFi, (read the review)

“Tannoy’s Definition DC10A not only surprised me, it impressed me — partly because it allayed my initial misgivings about it, but mostly because its strengths have changed some of my preconceptions of what a truly great loudspeaker should sound like. The DC10A does things that few other speakers do. Most notable were its expressive sound — bold, incisive, and powerful, it grabbed hold and drew me into the music in an uncanny way; the high level of detail, which remained consistent from very low to extremely high volume levels; its prodigious bass capabilities; and the composure and effortlessness of its sound as the volume levels were ratcheted up… it’s not only an easy speaker for me to recommend, it’s one that I encourage listeners to seek out if they’re looking for this type of sound — few, if any, speakers sound quite like this one.”
– Doug Schneider, SoundstageHiFi.com (read the review)

“The Tannoy Definition DC10As are beautifully crafted. If someone lusted after classic large old-fashioned Tannoys but demanded modern cosmetics, the clear choice would be the DC10A. The use of a coaxial driver system provides ultimate flexibility in showing spatial relations within a cluster of instruments. Such well-rendered decays are very rare. Well positioned and properly driven, they become a beautiful complement to the living room, living legends in a contemporary edition.”
– Wojciech Pacula, 6moons.com (read the review)

“I enjoyed my time with the Tannoy Definition DC8. It’s highly engineered, beautifully built, and has a well-rounded sound. Taken as a whole, the DC8 proved itself a high-quality speaker through which I could easily connect with the music. From first note to last, I could sit back and enjoy the performance. The midrange was warm, the treble sweet, the bass tight and articulate. Tannoy has done a great job; they’ve built a loudspeaker that practically guarantees the company’s continued success and longevity.

– Kevin Gallucci, soundstage.com (read the review)


Tannoy Definition Loudspeakers


For those looking for the ultimate in music and movie sound, Tannoy’s Definition series is loudspeaker to choose. Definition distills and refines the very essence of Tannoy’s loudspeaker heritage, technology, innovation and acoustic design, into the company’s most accurate, revealing and involving loudspeaker series to date. Blending contemporary style, cutting edge technology and traditional values in a seamless form, the range offers very high efficiency, extreme power handling and thrilling performance. Definition captures the fundamental dynamics of music and movies with ease yet majors on revealing the finest details and effects.

Combining the very latest Dual Concentric drivers, Deep Cryogenically Treated components and precious metal materials in an all-new cabinet craft from the finest ply-woods, Definition pushes the boundaries of sound reproduction in the home. Exceptional imaging with point-source accuracy, the ability to reveal the finest detail and effects within the most complex soundtrack and breath taking dynamics define the Definition sound. From generating the power and passion of big orchestral scores to communicating the smallest nuances and inflections in dialogues, the Definition range stimulates and inspires.

Fluid lines, the highest quality fittings and an exquisite deep lustre finish mark Definition as one of the most aesthetically accomplished loudspeakers available today. Ambitious and contemporary, even the precise curve on the extensively braced ply-wood cabinet is a result of extensive acoustic testing. The range is available in a number models, from the Definition DC8 stand mount with its single 200 mm (8.00″) Dual Concentric driver up to the stunning DC10Ti floorstander with its two 250mm (10.00″) drivers and the capability to achieve near 120dB dynamic peaks. The truly exquisite definition DC10A floorstander with is 250mm (10.00″) Alnico powered Dual is visually stunning and effortlessly sophisticated.

For multichannel sound the Definition range is completed with the Definition DC6 LCR centre channel speaker and the imposing Definition Subwoofer. However you configure a Definition multichannel set-up you can be assured of a beautiful, acoustically breath-taking and effortlessly sophisticated result.


Tannoy Definition Loudspeakers – The Models


Tannoy Definition DC10 Ti Loudspeaker 1

Definition DC10 Ti

For those seeking truly breath-taking scale and dynamics, the Definition DC10Ti delivers an outstanding performance with music and movies alike. A powerful combination of Tannoy’s latest 250mm (10.00″) Dual Concentric™ driver with WideBand™ tweeter, precision matched 250mm (10.00″) bass driver and an ultra-rigid plywood cabinet results in a design of extraordinary musical articulation and class leading dynamics. Capable of handling 500watt peak power and with a bass response down to below 30Hz, the Definition DC10Ti crafts an immense soundstage with life-like scale and three dimension ambience. The Definition DC10Ti rates as one of Tannoy’s most accurate, revealing and dynamic contemporary loudspeakers to date. For the listener that accepts no compromises in the pursuit of sound quality, the 10″ Dual and 10″ bass-driver work in perfect harmony with the substantial 76 litre rear ported enclosure. The Deep Cryogenically Treated straight path crossover, silver plated OFC and pure silver conductors, extensive use of Tannoy DMT™ technology and Tannoy’s unique fifth speaker terminal for driver grounding ensures the DC10Ti’s class leading fidelity and articulation. The Definition DC10Ti is a loudspeaker for those who enjoy music and m0vies with realistic scale and Tannoy’s world renowned accuracy and articulation.

The substantial Definition DC10Ti cabinet is imposing yet effortlessly elegant, and beneath the high gloss lacquered exterior is a construction of the finest birch plywood. This is chosen for its natural acoustic properties which afford a richer and more engaging sound that similar thickness fibreboard construction. The complex curve reduces resonances and internal reflections, improving mid-band clarity and greatly enhancing micro detailing.A special bracing mechanism, incorporating Tannoy’s Differential Material Technology™ (DMT), rigidly couples the driver/enclosure interface, further improving Definition DC10Ti’s accuracy in instrumental timbre.

The latest evolution of Definition DC10Ti features a substantial new plinth assembly that extends the smooth lines of the cabinet and has been designed for perfect ground coupling of the DC10T’I cabinet. With top-adjust floor spikes making speaker set-up and levelling easy, the plinth features an integrated energy-grounding stabiliser weight that gives the latest DC10Ti models even tighter, faster bass response.The DC10Ti is a loudspeaker of visual and acoustic substance; hand finished to an exceptionally high standard in a choice of high gloss lacquered real wood veneers or high gloss black with subtle aluminium trim and magnetic grille mount. A discreet satin black plinth is supplied for those requiring additional stability.


Tannoy Definition DC8 Ti Loudspeaker 1



Definition DC8 Ti
The smaller floorstanding loudspeaker in the Definition series, the DC8Ti is capable generating the power and dynamics of a full scale orchestral score yet capable of resolving the smallest details. This commanding loudspeaker for the discerning listener features Tannoy’s latest 200mm (8.00″) Dual Concentric drive unit with WideBand™ tweeter, augmented with a precision matched 200mm (8.00″) inch bass driver. The mid-bass drivers of both units use precision matched cones formed of a Tannoy proprietary paper fibre pulp mix, terminated with a rubber roll surround and bonded to a 44mm edge-wound voice coil.The exceptional rigidity of the port tuned plywood enclosure and extensive use of Tannoy DMT™ material allows the 8″ drivers to work in perfect harmony with the 43 litre rear ported enclosure. The Deep Cryogenically Treated straight path crossover, silver plated OFC and pure silver conductors, extensive use of Tannoy DMT™ technology and Tannoy’s unique fifth speaker terminal for driver grounding ensures the DC8Ti’s class leading fidelity and articulation. The extreme power handling of up to 400watt peaks, 90db/Watt sensitivity and bass response down to 33Hz defines the DC8Ti as a truly potent floorstanding loudspeaker.

Bold, imposing yet effortlessly elegant, then Definition DC8Ti cabinet is crafted from the finest grade plywood specifically chosen for its natural acoustic properties. The complex curve reduces resonances and internal reflections, improving mid-band clarity and greatly enhancing micro detailing. A special bracing mechanism, incorporating Tannoy’s Differential Material Technology™ (DMT), rigidly couples the driver/enclosure interface, further improving Definition DC8Ti’s accuracy in instrumental timbre.

The DC8Ti cabinet is supplied with a new sculpted plinth that visually extends the smooth lines of the design while delivering substantial benefits. It’s top-adjust spikes make for easy set-up and levelling while its integrated energy grounding stabiliser weight ensures the DC8Ti delivers incredibly tight and articulate bass. Each Definition DC8Ti cabinet is hand finished to an exceptionally high standard in a choice of high gloss lacquered real wood veneers or high gloss black with subtle aluminium trim and magnetic grille mount.


Tannoy Definition DC10A Loudspeaker 2
Definition DC10A

The flagship of the Definition range, the Definition DC10A is a loudspeaker of pure refinement. It embodies Tannoy’s core tenets of musical reproduction: A single point source Alnico Dual Concentric™ driver, straight path fully Deep Cryogenically Treated crossover and Tannoy’s signature birch-ply cabinet construction. The DC10A delivers the engaging and articulate sound of Tannoy’s classic Prestige models with the luxurious contemporary style of the Definition series. The Definition DC10A is a thoroughly modern loudspeaker, hand built and rich with traditional values.

The DC10A’s newly developed 10inch Dual Concentric™ driver is powered by Alcomax 3 Alnico motors to deliver a sweet, natural and inherently coherent sound. Famed for delivering a sweet, natural and inherently coherent sound, Alnico powered drivers have long been the preferred choice of discerning musicians. From jazz and blues to folk and rock music, the Alnico sound is consistently rich and engaging, delivering realism rarely achieved by ferrite ceramic drivers. A new multi-fibre cone material has been developed specifically for the DC10A to realise the very best from the Alnico magnet system and the HF driver is fitted with the latest iteration of Tannoy’s famous Pepperpot WaveGuide™.

The large DC10A birch-ply cabinet features complex parabolic curves to minimise acoustic resonances and internal reflections, and features a substantial mass loading Cavity to fine tune bass response to room dynamics. The cabinet’s port-loading is tuned to deliver the most natural and accurate LF response and a heavyweight metal plinth assembly with convenient top-adjustable spikes serves to stabilise the loudspeaker system.

Finished with the contemporary flair and immaculate detailing applied across the Definition range, the DC10A is visually stunning and musically breath-taking. It is available in high gloss real wood veneers of cherry and dark walnut or piano black gloss, each with complementary aluminium trim.




Definition DC8

A purist Tannoy loudspeaker the Definition DC8 is a bold stand mount design of beautifulpropositions. The DC8 offers the latest 8 inch Dual Concentric™ drive unit in acompact, curve wall cabinet constructed from the finest plywood. The 25mmtitanium dome tweeter with tulip waveguide is a true WideBand™ design andoffers exceptional high frequency extension while the powerful bass driver and19 litre port tuned enclosure offers class leading bass down to almost 40Hz.The treated paper pulp mid-bass cone had a rubber surround and 44mm edge woundvoice coil for extremely high efficiency and high power handling.

Inside theformidable definition DC8, the crossover uses audiophile grade componentsthroughout in a design hand build and set in DMT onto non-resonant boards.Wiring is silver plated 99.99% pure copper for the mid-bass and incomingsignal, while the HF section is wired in high purity solid silver cabling. Theterminal panel is furnished with five WBT gold plated binding posts allowingsingle or bi-wiring and the use of Tannoy’s unique fifth terminal to ground thedriver chassis. Deep Cryogenic treatment of the entire crossover and extensiveuse of Tannoy DMT™ technology further improves resolution of detailing and microdynamics.

On theoutside the Definition DC8 exudes class and style from the deep lustre glosslacquer over real wood veneer or piano black, to the flush fitting trim andseemingly fixingless magnetic grille mounts. Whether used a high fidelitymonitors in an audiophile music system or as part of a high-end multichannelmusic and movie set-up, the Definition DC8 delivers unsurpassed accuracy andarticulation. The high-class, high-tech Definition DC8 is Tannoy’s flagshipstand mount loudspeaker.



Definition Subwoofer

The Definition Subwoofer shares the same purity of purpose and contemporary design that embodies all Definition series loudspeakers. Seamlessly blending power and passion with detail and control, the Definition Subwoofer delivers smooth LF extension with music and thunderous Low Frequency Effects with movies. A design of simplicity and refined power, a 1KW amplifier drives an opposing pair of 300mm (12in) long throw metal-cone drivers in a substantial plywood cabinet. Definition Subwoofer is designed and engineered with Tannoy’s fundamental principles of precision and articulation at its heart. At the heart of the Definition Subwoofer is a cutting edge 1000Watt Class D amplifier with high speed switch mode power supply. Boasting exceptionally low Total Harmonic Distortion (less than 0.05%) this amplifier delivers massive dynamic power to control the twin metal-cone LF drivers. The amplifier module is mated to a powerful Digital Signal Processing (DSP) engine that offers user controls entirely in the digital domain for the most accurate set-up and LF response. A multifunction rotary control device and LCD display are mounted on the front panel for simple user control.

To handle the extreme power, the Definition Subwoofer uses two 300mm (12inch) aluminium cone drivers arranged as an opposing pair and mounted either side of the ply-wood cabinet. After extensive testing aluminium drivers were specified for their true pistonic motion at high levels and good heat transfer properties allowing them to be driven very hard for extended periods of time. The drivers’ dies cast aluminium chassis has been designed to afford maximum driver venting to maximise excursion. The substantial subwoofer cabinet is finely constructed from Tannoy’s signature birch-ply laminate sourced from cooler, slowing growing regions. Constructed of 25mm thick laminate, the cabinet uses a mix of flat and curved panels to improve rigidity as well as disperse internal reflections and standing waves. Definition Subwoofer offers a flexible suit of connections allowing one or more subs to be connected in the system and compatibility with both phono RCA and balanced XLR signals. Each Definition Subwoofer is hand finished in a choice of high gloss black or high gloss lacquered real wood veneers to match the Definition loudspeaker range. Each Definition Subwoofer offers heavy duty CNC machined aluminium feet for optimum stability and convenient front mounted rotary controls with LCD display.