Tannoy Revolution XT 8F Loudspeaker

‘The Tannoy Revolution XT 8F at $2600 per pair was a stand-out bargain. – Robert Harley, The Absolute Sound

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Testimonials (on all Revolution XT speakers)

“I love discovering affordable products that offer more performance than their prices would suggest. My top discovery at this show was the Tannoy Revolution XT 8F, a three-way floorstanding loudspeaker with a newly developed 8** coaxial midrange/tweeter driver coupled to an 8** woofer. The Revolution XT is packed with interesting technologies. After listening to it and looking at the real wood enclosure, I guessed the price at $7000 to $10,000. The Revolution XT’s price was then revealed to be just $2600 per pair. The Tannoy Revolution XT 8F at $2600 per pair was a stand-out bargain.”
– Robert Harley, CES 2015 Show Report, The Absolute Sound

“The Tannoy Revolution XT 8F was a revelation, with warmth, openness, and detail ranging from inviting delicacy to big bloom. A winner in it’s class (and beyond)”,
– Julie Mullins, CES 2015 Show Report, The Absolute Sound

BEST SOUND (For the Money) – Tannoy Revolution XT 8F Loudspeakers driven by Rega Electronics
Jonathan Valin, CES 2015 Show Report, The Absolute Sound

“Speaking of surprises! I could’ve picked many other speakers to fill this final slot, but I simply wasn’t expecting this modest floorstander from the venerable British firm whose name was once synonymous with “loudspeaker” to produce such high-quality sonics. Driven by Rega’s top-line electronics, the XT 8F was shockingly good for the money.”
– Jonathan Valin, Munich High End 2015 Show Report, The Absolute Sound

“The Tannoy packs a virtuoso midrange that is competitive with speakers approaching $10k retail. I’m in no rush to displace the XT 8F from my listening room. And that’s high praise from someone who is in possession of much more expensive speakers. So do yourself a favor and give the Tannoy a listen—you’ll be glad you did.”
– Dick Olsher, The Absolute Sound, Sept., 2015 (read the review)

Huge scale, with plenty of bass; go loud with ease; excellent build and finish. These floorstanders (XT 8F) are an excellent buy. Little else at this price can match them”
– WhatHiFi Sound and Vision, July, 2015

“The Tannoy XT 6 speakers are certainly ones to watch out for. Their fluid, light-footed presentation and crisp detail are worth a listen…Tannoy’s refined, exciting delivery still makes them a compelling proposition.
– WhatHiFI, April, 2015

“The all-new Dual Concentric driver combined with the fully optimized cabinet design ensures Revolution XT delivers class-leading accuracy, exceptional off-axis high frequency energy and a natural and expansive soundstage.
– HiFi Pig Magazine, Feb., 2015 (read the review)

Tannoy Revolution XT 8F Loudspeaker 3


Tannoy Revolution XT 8F Loudspeaker

The flagship Revolution XT 8F is a substantial floorstanding loudspeaker offering the scale and dynamics of real live music in a loudspeaker that looks every bit as good as it sounds. The combination of a 200mm (8.00″) Dual Concentric driver and a 200mm (8.00″) auxiliary bass driver is a configuration that has found exceptional success throughout Tannoy’s illustrious history and the Revolution XT 8F builds on these strengths. The new Omnimagnet Dual further refines bass performance with its linear LF response and exceptional timbre accuracy, while its new HF section with Torus-Ogive waveguide delivers smooth HF extension with outstanding imaging. The Revolution XT 8F crossover uses low loss laminated core inductors and audiophile components throughout and further benefits from high purity oxygen free copper (OFC), silver plated wiring.

The 49.4 litre Revolution XT 8F cabinet houses the largest iteration of Tannoy new dual-cavity coupled reflex system, featuring separate cavities coupled internally by tuned ports. Bass energy exits from a tuned down-firing port between the angled base of the cabinet and the integrated plinth. The precisely engineered angle of the ‘waveguide’ formed between cabinet and plinth encourages LF energy to disperse forward into the room, making closer-to-wall placement of the speaker than is typically possible without major detrimental effect on sound quality. The result is tight and articulate bass with exceptional power and extension down to 34Hz. With an overall loudspeaker efficiency of 91dB/watt and 400Watt peak power handling, the Revolution XT 8F is nothing short of breath-taking in its dynamics and realism.

Each Revolution XT 8F cabinet is offered in Medium Oak or Dark Walnut real wood veneer, hand finished to the same exacting standards that Tannoy demands of it premium models and world-renowned Prestige series. The 200mm Omnimagnet driver is finished with an etched trim ring and driver bolts that contrast the black driver chassis. Magnetic grille mounts are installed below the veneer to ensure a smooth and uncluttered appearance across the front baffle and afford easy fitment of the grille for a more subtle look. Revolution XT 8F is a worthy flagship of the dramatic new Revolution XT series, combining classic Tannoy values of dynamics and musical articulation with exceptional smoothness and class-leading imaging of the new Omnimagnet Dual Concentric driver.

Tannoy Revolution XT 8F Loudspeaker 4

Introduction – Revolution XT

Revolution XT is the latest development of Tannoy’s most affordable loudspeaker to feature the world renowned Dual Concentric™ driver. The XT is a true ‘revolution’ of the series, featuring an all-new ‘Dual’ with some of the most significant and fundamental design changes in the driver’s near 60-year history. While retaining Revolution’s familiar trapezoid cabinet shape, wide-ranging changes to Revolution XT’s internal design make for a completely new and unique loudspeaker concept.

Tannoy’s pioneering Twin-cavity coupled reflex system and down-firing external port delivers the Revolution series’ most tuneful and musically coherent bass to date, while the integrated plinth further improves transient attack and overall stability. The new Dual, with its Omnimagnet™ motor and class-leading dispersion characteristics, has been partnered with a new series of audiophile grade crossovers to realise the very best performance across the range.

XT is a true Revolution in loudspeaker design.
With a range spanning 100mm (4.00″), 150mm (6.00″) and flagship 200mm (8.00″) Dual Concentric drivers, Revolution XT is offered in a five-strong range to ensure there is a perfect model for every home. Available in Medium Oak or Dark Walnut real wood veneers, Tannoy’s legendary quality of finish is further enhanced with magnetic grille mounts and subtle trim detailing. From the compact Revolution XT Mini stand-mount loudspeaker to the imposing Revolution XT 8F floorstanding model, the range delivers unrivalled musical articulation and outstanding dynamics.

Tannoy Revolution XT 8F Loudspeaker drive unit

Drive Unit

The Revolution XT Dual Concentric driver represents a major revision of Tannoy’s long standing and well regarded coaxial driver technology. While retaining the Dual’s fundamental benefits of class-leading coherence and point-source imaging, the new driver technology delivers exceptional smoothness and even further improved imaging. The Omnimagnet Dual Concentric is a completely new interpretation of this proprietary point-source drive unit, combining a revolution new HF diaphragm and waveguide with a single magnet that energises both the HF and LF coils.

The HF dome is Torus (donut) shaped allowing it to be placed further forward in the throat of the driver. An Ogive (bullet) shaped phase plug sits in front of the diaphragm which assists in shortening the propagation path of HF waves. The Torus Ogive waveguide has a more aggressive flare than previous ‘tulip’ shaped Dual Concentric waveguides which expands wave front propagation through the cone of the bass driver. The result is a shortened acoustic path through the driver and greater phase coherence between HF and LF.

The Omnimagnet Dual Concentric is a radical evolution of Tannoy’s signature driver.
The new Dual’s wider and more even dispersion pattern has a profoundly positive effect on imaging and the improved phase coherence ensures a natural and expansive sound. The revised (shallower) cone design and potent Omnimagnet motor deliver even smoother bass performance with exceptional transient attack. Used exclusively in the new Revolution XT series, the Omnimagnet Dual Concentric driver opens another illustrious chapter in the development of Tannoy’s driver technology.

Tannoy Revolution XT 8F Loudspeaker 6


The now famous trapezoid shape of the Revolution family derives its eye-catching form from its musical function. The non-parallel sides disperse internal standing waves and internal reflections to produce incredibly low cabinet colouration. The result is a sharply styled, contemporary loudspeakers series. All products in the range now include a stylish and sturdy plinth which is an integral part of the cabinet tuning mechanism, chrome pillars add strength and style to the product, while easily adjusted spikes are incorporated into the Floorstanding variants.

Yet the most significant advances to the Revolution XT’s cabinet are on the inside. Following three years of R&D, Tannoy has developed a unique twin-cavity reflex system that optimised driver performance from extremely low to mid frequencies using balanced back-pressure damping. The system also dramatically reduces vertical standing waves within the cabinet, leading to exceptional tight and controlled bass down to the lowest organ notes. On the floorstanding models, LF energy exits from an angled down-firing port, diffusing into the room between the cabinet and the integrated plinth. In addition to outstanding bass reproduction, the design reduces room boundary effects and facilitates easy loudspeaker placement.

Tannoy Revolution XT 8F Loudspeaker 7

Tannoy’s dual-cavity coupled reflex system is a revolution from the inside.

As you would expect from Tannoy, finish and attention to detail on Revolution XT models is second to no other loudspeaker in its class. Each model is hand finished in real wood veneer, in a choice of Medium Oak or Dark Walnut colours, with magnetic grilles supports for a smooth and seamless look with the grilles on or off. Celebrating the new Omnimagnet driver, each Dual Concentric is finished with an etched metal trim ring. Satin black plinths, with large knurled locking feet and chrome pillars, are subtly finished with an etched metal Tannoy badge.

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  • Recommended Amplifier Power (Watts RMS): 25 – 200
  • Continuous Power Handling(Watts Peak RMS): 100
  • Peak Power Handling (Watts) 400
  • Sensitivity (2.83 Volts @ 1m) 91 dB
  • Nominal Impedance (Ohms) 8
  • Frequency Response (-6dB) 34 Hz – 32 kHz


  • Dual Concentric™ High Frequency 25 mm (1″) Linear PEI dome with Torus Ogive WaveGuide and Omnimagnet technology
  • Dual Concentric™ Low Frequency 200 mm (8″) multi-fibre paper 44 mm (1.75″) voice coil
  • Bass Driver 200 mm (8″) multi-fibre paper pulp cone with rubber surround. 44 mm (1.75″) edge wound voice coil


  • Crossover Frequency 250 Hz & 1.8 kHz
  • Crossover Type Passive low loss 2nd order low pass, 1st order high pass


  • Enclosure Type Downwards ported twin cavity coupled reflex
  • Volume 48.8 l (1.72 cu. ft.)
  • Dimensions H x W x D (incl. plinth) 1080 x 317 x 345 mm (42.5 x 12.5 x 13.6″)
  • Finishs: Dark Walnut, Medium Oak