VPI Classic Turntable

VPI Classic Turntable – 2015


VPI Classic Signature Turntable

Stereophile Analog Product of the year

VPI Classic Signature Turntable 100

Golden Ear Award – TAS, AHC

The VPI Classic turntable is the fastest, most coherent-sounding VPI turntable I’ve ever heard. Its measured accuracy and consistency of speed were about as good as a belt-drive turntable can achieve, and its combination of a high-mass plinth, a superbly machined aluminum platter, a carefully damped and isolated motor, and the JMW-Classic—a fully realized version of VPI’s JMW tonearm—make this remarkably compact, easy-to-set-up turntable one of today’s great values in analog audio. I don’t hear how you can go wrong buying one.
 – Michael Fremer, Stereophile (read the review) 

“With its Classic, VPI Industries offers what is essentially a tonally neutral deck with a wiry direct character of high dynamic reflexes and superb soundstaging. Listeners favoring a warm, relaxed or even cozy take won’t buy into it but those into a lively involving presentation with a well-sorted broad stage won’t have many alternatives at this price. On those aspects, VPI’s Classic is arguably quite the benchmark.”
 – Ralph Werner, Sixmoons.com (read the review)

“The VPI Classic Turntable, in my opinion, exceeds the performance of [VPI’s] ScoutMaster series and breaks new sonic ground… at a breathtakingly low price. I think this is Weisfeld’s best sounding design. If ever there were a best buy in ‘tables, this is it!”
– Harry Pearson, The Absolute Sound, Golden Ear Award Issue


VPI Classic Turntable

Having been featured in countless Audio Magazines, Cigar Aficionado, television series, and even the Discovery Channel; the VPI Classic Turntable is a staple product by VPI Industries.  The VPI Classic Turntable offers true high-end sound while being esthetically pleasing and reasonably priced for all audiences.  Its multi-layered rigid design and build quality offers a rich yet highly detailed presentation.  It is an easily upgradable table giving the user the ability to grow with their listening experience and pocketbook.

VPI Classic Turntable Features:
•Anti-skate mechanism.
•Anti-static mat.
•2 inch Delrin feet with 3 ball bearing bottoms.
•2 ½ inch thick MDF walnut veneer bonded with 11 gauge and dampening fabric.
•Inverted bearing – hardened stainless steel shaft, 60 Rockwell chrome hardened ball, spinning in a phosphor bronze bushing and sitting on a PEEK thrust disc.
•Counter weight standard 140 gm + 10 gm outrigger weight.
•Left rear mounted 600 RPM Motor.
•60 Hertz power supply generator providing a pure sign wave to feed the motor.
•20 ½ x 15 ½ x 9 ½ (top of the wire loop).

vpi classic turntable 2

•Tapered arm tube of 6061 aluminum critically damped internally.
•Bearing to Unipivot distance – 258MM
•Unipivot design allowing easy freedom of motion with near zero friction.
•Dropped counterweight for tracking force and azimuth adjustments plus lowering the center of gravity.
•Solid aluminum headshell pressed onto the arm tube for a rigid mounting.
•10.5 Unipivot tonearm with adjustable VTA (not on the fly).
•Solid construction of the base assembly guarantees solid bass performance.

vpi classic turntable 3

Classic Arm with VTA on the fly

Available Upgrades:
•VTA on the Fly arm base.
•Periphery Ring
•HR-X Center Weight
•HR-X Feet
•3D Printed tonearm
•Synchronous Drive System (SDS)
•Classic Dustcover