Well Tempered Versalex Turntable

Well Tempered Versalex Turntable
Shown with LTD tonearm (included) and optional cartridge

The Well Tempered Versalex Turntable takes William Firebaugh’s original design to new heights of functionality and performance.

Well Tempered Versalex Turntable 2

Testimonials (on all Well Tempered turntables)

CES & THE Show 2012 • Best of Show – The Audio Beat

“It was the analog source that captivated most. Its sound was relaxed, natural and effortless but immaculately timed and tonally inspiring.”
 – The Audio Beat, on the Well Tempered Versalex and LTD tonearm at CES 2012


“This latest version of William Firebaugh’s inventive turntable and arm design has ultra-quiet background, superbly non-resonant, neutral sound, complete speed stability, surprising bass extension, easy setup and operation, and compatibility with a wide range of cartridge…overall, the high end at a budget price.”
– The Absolute Sound

“Like other WTL products of my experience, the Well Tempered Amadeus Mk.II Turntable had a musically involving sound—good timing, very good momentum and flow—combined with the sorts of spatial accomplishments and lack of obvious colorations that I associate with more traditional high-end audio products… the Amadeus pulled just as much color from the groove as my Garrard 301-based player.”
– Art Dudley, Stereophile (read the review)


Winner – Absolute Sound Golden Ear Award

“The new Well Tempered Amadeus reaches stratospheric heights of performance at a moderate price… The Amadeus seems simultaneously a bargain and something of a miracle… it is hard to fault the smooth, silent, dynamically linear, undistorted, speed stable, vinyl damped sound of this turntable”
 – Robert E. Green, The Absolute Sound

“I can say two things. The first is that the Amadeus sounds better than any turntable I’ve heard. The second is that, given its low price compared to many turntables, the Amadeus is the best value turntable out there. The quality of sound for the price is outstanding. The Well Tempered Amadeus is special. It’s one of those products that makes reviewing hi-fi so very exciting. The Amadeus is my product of the year.”
 – Michael Jones, AudioEnz (read the review)

well tempered versalex turntable 4
Well Tempered Versalex Turntable with LTD tonearm


The flagship Well Tempered Versalex Turntable and removable LTD tonearm were both introduced at CES 2012.

The Versalex employs multilayer “Baltic” plywood plinth with Walnut veneered top surface. Baltic plywood has natural resonances that also results in a very natural “EQ”. It is therefore very suitable for these purposes, however, as it is a product of nature, minor irregularities in grain are to be expected.

The Well Tempered Versalex Turntable is pre-drilled with inserts to facilitate easy mounting of LTD Tonearm.The tonearm is available in both 9″ and 10.5″. There’s no extra cost for the longer arm.


Well Tempered Versalex Turntable

• Symmetrex tone arm configuration
• “Zero Tolerance” platter bearing
• Servo controlled motor with vibration controlled mounting
• 0.004” polyester thread belt
• Fully damped LTD tonearm featuring golf ball suspended in silicone fluid for optimum variable damping
• Easy azimuth adjustment
• Fixed headshell with no fussy setup
• Isolation feet included
• Acrylic platter
• “Baltic” Plywood plinth finished in real walnut


Audio Revelation is pleased to be a full line Well Tempered turntable dealer.