Store Gallery – Audio Revelation

We are pleased and proud to have such a wonderful collection of high end gear on active display in a comfortable and homey settingĀ – available for demo should you make it to the San Diego area.

Audio Revelation is completely devoted to 2 channel high end audio with a specialty in analog and digital. We spend our time finding great gear and learning how it sounds in various setups. We do zero home theater.

We extensively listen to each of our products and can share with you knowledgeable and informed observations as to how they would sound in your system. Further, just because we carry a line doesn’t mean we blindly recommend each piece the company makes. In fact, we don’t sell many components from many of the lines we carry for one simple reason; we’ve found better alternatives. How many stores can say this?

Click on above to see a video about Audio Revelation

We can intelligently and articulately explain to you the difference between the performance of the Lyra Atlas, Ortofon Anna, Dynavector XV-1t, Air Tight PC-1 Supreme, and Shelter Harmony phono cartridges. Or between the Bricasti DAC, the Berkeley Alpha DAC, Bryston BDP-2 DAC and the Luxman DA-06. We can, because we have spent hours listening/comparing and analyzing the sound of these components just as we have speakers, to arrive at our premier lines of Magico, KEF and Vivid.

Following are images of just some of our fine product offerings.

(Photo’s courtesy of Darin Fong, San Diego)